Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wish a wish!
My birthday’s coming up in a few days. And while Mench was filling up her 24 wishlist for her 24th birthday this September 29, she insists I do my own too. But I guess I’m starting to grow old. Material things don’t matter to me anymore. I may have been fond with a thing or two, but I guess I’m wishing for the important stuff now.

Mench and I started our novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help two weeks ago. My novena when I was in college, helped me overcome the stress that was happening in school, to lessen my grandmother’s suffering (due to cancer), and find a nice career after I graduate. But this time, I guess there’s only one thing I’m wishing for. That our dilemma will finally be over. That the one thing, which is my sign of assurance, will finally be given to me. And well, that after it, we’d live happily ever after.

Well it also goes with saying that the people around me would finally accept my decision. That what were fighting for isn’t as easy as it seems. In time, I know everything will be fine. I know that these shall all pass.

But just my luck, I’m starting to win in contests again. Last week, I found out that I won an Inception goodie bag so I went to the Clickthecity.com Makati office with boyfie. Yesterday, the same team emailed me that I won Premiere Tickets to IP Man 2 Movie. It was so nice. And I’m happy that he enjoyed it as well. Seems like I found my lucky charm :D

18 days before my birthday! Quarter-life, I will face you finally! I know you will rock.

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