Wednesday, June 29, 2005

im really hate seeing them fight..

i hate seeing everyone fight..
i hate seeing my friends fight...

...lets just see what still hoping for the best

went to SUBIC last Friday for a little R and R...was okay i guess because i finally got the chance to talk to someone and cleared my issues with him..though not at Subic but through text just glad that i dont have to get the "parinigs" tired of him na kasi..

last sunday was definitely a blast! i get to sing, but yet unpaid, for tito edwin's cousin's wedding first, akala ko, ako yung cause ng rain, but i guess hindi ako yung contributing factor for that..hehehe..

now im looking for facts for my next report: PHILIPPINE PRESS SYSTEM DURING AND AFTER MARTIAL LAW..need help since i have to pass this on friday..

i also think were going to Iloilo this weekend..meaning i have to be absent in my TAXATION not yet sure if itll happen..

and im hating my mom right now..see, my phone wont charge..NO BATTERY: NO LIFE FOR RIA! so ayun, i told my dad about it and he made sure na magagawa daw yun..tapos when we told my mom about it, she made it happen as if it was my fault again! i mean, is it my fault that the stupid charger wont charge? sige na fine! ako na may kasalanan ng lahat..pati kung bakit nabuhay ako sa mundo kasalanan ko na rin..arrgh...

kaya im here at school today because i dont wanna see her or talk to her..i need my fone so badly! and im stuck with nothing..

gotta go..

Friday, June 24, 2005

dont wanna think about it anymore..

im so dead tired.. i feel as if i couldnt see what im typing anymore..

sobrang stressed na ko! mukha pa ba kong nineteen?!?

hehe..kahit naman anong gawin ko hindi pa rin ako magmumukhang nineteen..more like twelve pa nga eh..


so anyway, we finished editing our thesis yesterday.. o di ba mga diligent students kuno..doing thesis sa araw na walang pasok..san also thankful na masipag si Sir Jeff when it comes to meetings and stuff... MABUHAY C SIR JEFF!

im actually getting tired of school na..haay, masyado nag-enjoy kasi sa OJT eh..parang everything about school pressures me.. kahit wala pang masyadong just thankful that KAI helped me with the report from MAm just glad na meron pa rin palang nagca-care sakin na offense to my other friends pero mahal ko din si kai..hehe..isa kang malupit na bata na dapat gawan ng monumento!!

my dad texted me this afternoon and said that were going to SUBIC tomorrow.. at shempre gudlak talaga sakin kasi makikita ko na naman yung ex ko actually avoiding na dahil masyado na syang feeling and i sensed na hindi pa rin sya over sa past relationship namin kahit i treated him like trash...and with him knowing it..somehow, hindi talaga sya matuto..heller! get over it! its been what? 3 years already? i must say that i have loved you but this is too much na..arrgh! i really hope na hindi sya mag-feeling dahil he always assumed na pwedeng magbalikan kami..ang haba ng hair ko..pero for the wrong reasons thanks but no thanks na lang po..

so i have to go na..will meet mela and jill pa..

no classes tomorrow due to Manila Day! yipee!

and may racket pa ko sa Sunday..will sing at a wedding ceremony..renewal of vows daw..yung husband kasi ni pretty tita pin, in-ask yun..i just hope na hindi ako mapahiya..hehehe..


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

going out for lesser ink

im here with mela at sm's excel..

im just here to buy a lesser ink at cdr king but then ink also became one bag, a box and earring material from simplejoys.. im quite a spender na..have to change that because i need to save moolah for other things kaysa sa mga luho ko and stuff..

anyway, i feel bad that i have to ask mam tuble for the report's extension..i swear, sobrang pinilit ko talaga syang tapusin but then to no avail, i gave up and asked her.. i sensed that she's now disappointed at me..ako rin..i feel disappointed at myself..i never did that before..haay..

we went out yesterday with our new friend Robert..nice sya though me hawig talaga kay starfish.. nanliligaw kay mela..uuy! special mention..hehehe


i finally saw bubut this so glad to see her again..sobrang namiss ko talaga bezzie ko..she's studying again and her classmates didnt even know that she already has a baby girl..hehehe..feel na feel ang pagiging first year..

gotta mom's looking for me already..

happy birthday pala kay ate LORIE today..and to KAI yesterday..


Monday, June 20, 2005


I feel so bad right now

I still have a half-done report due 10:30 am.. I'm just shy to tell my professor that I couldn’t do it with the limited time and my social life. and yeah, figuring out a way to survive senior year..

But talking to Jayson made it all worth it. Sobrang crush ko talaga yun since sophomore.. all I know is that he's Shang's cousin and developing a "crush" on him feels hard because Eden also likes him. and I couldnt do anything so I didnt make any move to get him to notice that I exist. And thanks to SUN, I feel as if were close now.. kwento-kwento up to the point na tinanong na nya yung lovelife ko.. and yes, a simple "WALA PA" is the answer.

So kahit sinabi ko yun, he still asked me why.. actually, hindi ko din alam kung bakit eh.. maybe I'm driving off guys who wanted to approach me or anything. I dont want to sound bitter but I don't wanna get hurt...again.. biro mo, after SEVEN failed relationships, maiisip mo pa bang ma-inlove ulit? as in ma-inlove talaga.. ako, medyo parang this is my resting period.. my solace from the seven different guys ive been with. Lahat naman sila minahal ko, but then, I guess giving your all still isn't enough.. somehow, they feel as if I couldn't complete them.. sad reality in life.. kahit sinasabi nilang, its not you, its me... PARANG AKO PA DIN YUNG MAY KASALANAN SA LAHAT.

But I'm hoping for a next relationship that would really work and last. Parang kila mama and papa. Even though they’re often miles apart, they still held on to their marriage vows and still loving each other despite all the odds and longing that they're into..

So yun.. nakakatawa lang yung conversation naming ni Jayson kasi I really wanted to know kung sino yung crush niya.. for sure hindi ako yun, pero kung ako man yun, magiging super happy ako..hehehe

Ay ria! You have been reading too many love story paperbacks na! Reality check!

but it still feels nice to believe that when you turn around the bend, the man of your dreams will finally appear, looking deep into your eyes and falls in love with you forever.. that is my happy ending...
violent reactions anyone?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

suffrage and all..

the inner italian is ruining my layout..arrgh..

so anyway, Mam Tuble said that i dont have to attend her class anymore but i have to pass a report, a timeline, maps and stuffs about the origin of writing to the first revolution.. but it isnt that easy since i have to pass it on monday.. and guess what! im stalling here doing posts to my blog..i really have to change my priorities asap..

btw, i saw DEEJAY yesterday afternoon.. it was nice seeing him after a long time of no phone calls and text messages.. but after seeing him that day, i guess i could forgive him for doing so..hehehe.. im not that bad naman.. all i was saying na sana hindi nawala yung communication namin.. but i guess it was partly my fault naman.. na-overwhelmed magka-boyfriend ulit kaya i forgot my friends..

i guess youve been seeing this AD on MTV right? i just wanted to do this for a good cause.. if Salma HAyek thinks so, then i would follow too..hehe.. ONE... make poverty history now..just wanna do a good cause..

my 8-11 class ended.. okay ang prof.. Mr. Antonio Chua-for Land Reform and Taxation.. i have a list of great professors too.. Prof. Marie Mamawal- SportsJrn and BroadJrn.. Prof. Emer Gonzales- Ethics, Prof Rey Candido- FilipinoJrn, Prof. Jereh Opiniano- Thesis and Prof Tuble for CommTheories.. i just hope that this semester would just be a piece of cake.. i dont want to go through another hindrance towards my graduation..yay! Senior na talaga ko.. badtrip lang talaga kasi we've been seeing a lot of freshmen na may free UST BAG..imagine that? all we got from our freshman year is a 2011 folder, a hallmark card and a UST button.. crap

but it really feels good that in just a few few months, we'll be spreading our wings and bid to my ALMA MATER for four wonderful years.. huhuhuhu.. but next mission ko nga, to have a date sa Lovapalooza next year and magkauon ng permanent date sa GRADBALL..anyone?

but on the other hand, i feel as if im not ready to fall in love YET.. i still have to make-up for a lot of things that get busy with my lovelife.. like they said in a quote, "God is still (and still) creating the perfect love story for me".. i just wish na mangyari na yun agad noh.. but im not encouraging people to date me yet.. pagraduate-in nyo muna ko.. para after, magiging future Susan Calo- Medina ako..ok din kung maging next Christiane Amanpoure..hello Gilmore Girls! hehe...

grabe, long post na ata.. na-miss ko yung MANILA TIMES.. ive seen a copy of one kasi here sa library.. i wanna go back to OJT ulit tuloy..bwahahaha! joke.. hindi na takot na ko dun..


...ilang taon ka na ulit? you!

have to go do REAL stuff.. my net insanity is still kicking in my blood..

Friday, June 17, 2005

first day na!

today is my official first day of school for this year.. im gonna be able to graduate since the Pontifical, Royal and Catholic school of the Philippines allowed me to add another load to my regular was so tough having to talk to the assistant dean, faculty sec and everything but its all over now.. im just glad that i wouldnt be delayed for that subject! God is so cool!

so anyway, after the first class, we went straight to SM MANILA to watch "Nasaan Ka Man" sobrang maganda talaga sya! yung shifting, yung cinematography and the story itself isnt so bad..promise, you'll cry at the end of the

yesterday, Mela and I watched "HOUSE OF WAX" after my comm theory class..well, bad ending nga sya.. sobrang start palang ng OJT ko, gusto ko na syang mapanood.. i never thought na mapapanood ko pa sya..but its fate, i guess..hehe..spicy PAris, was still spicy but still slutty..hehehe..

i hate my face..have lots of pimples because of stress and late night telephone marathons with Harold..kapal pa ng face..pinapagalitan na ni Maam Nini wala pa din katinag-tinag..pero for sure medyo mababawasan na yung telebabad because of the classes.. with the full load and the extra one, my life is doomed..but im keeping it positive.. i wanna enjoy my last stay in UST..hehe..

tsaka got a new fone na..motorola E398..share ko lang..galing galing kasi eh..

tsaka thank you pala kay (Sir) Harold for burning the rock! pero i cant go back to Times anymore..complicated ang sked, traumatized na rin ako sa mga tao dyan..hi mo nalang ako kay jasmin..

oh well, i guess i could update na ulit everyday..may internet na ulit ang library! yay! hoy harold hindi po ako addict sa just so happened na deprived ako sa internet dahil wala kaming net sa house!hehe..

have to go for now..will post pics from the magical fone next time..

inner what?

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.
You show the world what culture really is.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

griffindor it is!

Want to Get Sorted?
I'm a Gryffindor!

its still freaking hot!

i was absent yesterday at work because i had to go to Prudential Plans in Makati..

imagine me, waiting for a letter that wasnt going to be mailed at my house. and guess what's that letter is for? just my admission to enroll for fourth year.

i was freaking out that it still hasnt arrived. because "duh!", it has to arrive as possible or i may not be able to enrol. so when i finally had the chance, i asked Daisy why it still isnt mailed yet. and surprise! UST and other schools failed to renew the contract so i have to go to Makati to be issued an admission slip. not so tough right? WRONG!

when i finally woke up yesterday and spilled the news to my mom, she freaked out more than i did. and of course, blaming me AGAIN for everything (e.g. not confirming the letter to prudential, telling her just now, and maybe if i heard more, blaming me for coming out of her..hehehe!) so after that, i had to call Jasmin to ask Mr. Tenorio to excuse my absence and she did..

Line isnt that long at Prudential. We got the SAS immediately, so after that, shopping galore na kami ni mama sa sm, glorietta,greenbelt and landmark. My mom's so funny coz we got lost and she would always tell me na alam daw niya yung daan, etc..WHATEVER MA!

so im here again at Times, feeling so at home again.. and this would be my last day! waaah! i really dont wanna go yet, but i have to start school again..too bad..

i guess, my last gimmick before i go to school going to Baywalk tonight. i mean, i really have to celebrate for the 120+ hours that I slaved for Times..

but here's for the freebies and comments that Ms. Tessa gave me, the POW's and Prime Times that i did for Ms. Terrie, The Business news that i did about Madagascar's port for Sir Arnold, the Esther Punongbayan article that Ms. Riza and Ms. Nini asked me to write, for the terrors that the business sec's caused me, to Kuya Harold for always logging the computer for me, to Sir Allan for the late but superb ID, Kuya Romy for letting us into the office without having to show our ID's, Ms. Jackie and Ms. Karen for making us at home and for the chickas in the library, To Sir Rome for giving us his smile?, to Ms. Leah for the researches, content analysis and the assignments, and to Jasmin for being a great co-intern- your stories will be missed!

Parting is such sweet sorrow..=) i just love it here that i dont wanna leave anymore. but i have to.. something's telling me that TIME'S UP! I just hope that someday, i would get to work with this team again.

well, Ciao!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

3 days to go..

3 days nalang yung ojt, wala pa din yung forever ID ko..and worse, it got lost daw, according to sir allan..

so anyway, Sir Arnold isnt here today but i have this assigned work given by some business writer..i actually noticed that the writers in the business section look scary.. lets please add that my build's so small, only 4"11 in height and a very petite face.. so everytime i look to them, i fell as if im the mouse and theyre all terrifying cats waiting to devour me..

... ok that's exaggerating now..

but really, 3 days nalang ako pero i feel as if im just new here.. buti nalang i made lot of friends and kahit yung mga editors na nag-handle sakin, they were all great..tapos 3 of my works were published.. 2 of them, nasa net..ang galing.. i feel proud kahit may isang tao na nakapag-feel sakin na hindi big deal yung nangyayari sakin..

at para sayo to..kung sino man ang tamaan..

---im not feeling less, dahil wala akong karapatan to feel so. Im proud that this OJT's brought me to the pages of a broadsheet. ewan ko kung may mararating ka, pero this OJT feels rewarding. and yeah, looking at the byline makes me feel happy.. sinasamba ko yung sarili ko! sobra! unlike you, ayokong maging bitter na lang lagi sa mga nagyayari. and i wont take my word back. i still think youre selfish. ayokong sumbatan ka, pero sana kahit man lang sa masaya ako, sana nandun ka. pero ano? you rejected me again. for the NTH time.. but for this, ayoko na talaga. hindi ako martyr!
hindi ako kagaya mo. ayoko na rin umiyak sa mga taong nagpaparamdam na hindi naman talaga dapat pinapansin. i dont have time for trash, unlike you, na maliit na problema, pinapalaki.

konting encouragement hinihintay ko, naaway pa ko.. that's so great.. papalakpakan na ba kita?


well, i hate to be your enemy again, but i really have to..


am hearing rumors courtesy of Kuya Harold. but of course i still have to confirm it. i mean, my career's getting in line here..



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