Wednesday, June 22, 2005

im here with mela at sm's excel..

im just here to buy a lesser ink at cdr king but then ink also became one bag, a box and earring material from simplejoys.. im quite a spender na..have to change that because i need to save moolah for other things kaysa sa mga luho ko and stuff..

anyway, i feel bad that i have to ask mam tuble for the report's extension..i swear, sobrang pinilit ko talaga syang tapusin but then to no avail, i gave up and asked her.. i sensed that she's now disappointed at me..ako rin..i feel disappointed at myself..i never did that before..haay..

we went out yesterday with our new friend Robert..nice sya though me hawig talaga kay starfish.. nanliligaw kay mela..uuy! special mention..hehehe


i finally saw bubut this so glad to see her again..sobrang namiss ko talaga bezzie ko..she's studying again and her classmates didnt even know that she already has a baby girl..hehehe..feel na feel ang pagiging first year..

gotta mom's looking for me already..

happy birthday pala kay ate LORIE today..and to KAI yesterday..


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