Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i hate seeing everyone fight..
i hate seeing my friends fight...

...lets just see what still hoping for the best

went to SUBIC last Friday for a little R and R...was okay i guess because i finally got the chance to talk to someone and cleared my issues with him..though not at Subic but through text just glad that i dont have to get the "parinigs" tired of him na kasi..

last sunday was definitely a blast! i get to sing, but yet unpaid, for tito edwin's cousin's wedding first, akala ko, ako yung cause ng rain, but i guess hindi ako yung contributing factor for that..hehehe..

now im looking for facts for my next report: PHILIPPINE PRESS SYSTEM DURING AND AFTER MARTIAL LAW..need help since i have to pass this on friday..

i also think were going to Iloilo this weekend..meaning i have to be absent in my TAXATION not yet sure if itll happen..

and im hating my mom right now..see, my phone wont charge..NO BATTERY: NO LIFE FOR RIA! so ayun, i told my dad about it and he made sure na magagawa daw yun..tapos when we told my mom about it, she made it happen as if it was my fault again! i mean, is it my fault that the stupid charger wont charge? sige na fine! ako na may kasalanan ng lahat..pati kung bakit nabuhay ako sa mundo kasalanan ko na rin..arrgh...

kaya im here at school today because i dont wanna see her or talk to her..i need my fone so badly! and im stuck with nothing..

gotta go..

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