Friday, June 17, 2005

today is my official first day of school for this year.. im gonna be able to graduate since the Pontifical, Royal and Catholic school of the Philippines allowed me to add another load to my regular was so tough having to talk to the assistant dean, faculty sec and everything but its all over now.. im just glad that i wouldnt be delayed for that subject! God is so cool!

so anyway, after the first class, we went straight to SM MANILA to watch "Nasaan Ka Man" sobrang maganda talaga sya! yung shifting, yung cinematography and the story itself isnt so bad..promise, you'll cry at the end of the

yesterday, Mela and I watched "HOUSE OF WAX" after my comm theory class..well, bad ending nga sya.. sobrang start palang ng OJT ko, gusto ko na syang mapanood.. i never thought na mapapanood ko pa sya..but its fate, i guess..hehe..spicy PAris, was still spicy but still slutty..hehehe..

i hate my face..have lots of pimples because of stress and late night telephone marathons with Harold..kapal pa ng face..pinapagalitan na ni Maam Nini wala pa din katinag-tinag..pero for sure medyo mababawasan na yung telebabad because of the classes.. with the full load and the extra one, my life is doomed..but im keeping it positive.. i wanna enjoy my last stay in UST..hehe..

tsaka got a new fone na..motorola E398..share ko lang..galing galing kasi eh..

tsaka thank you pala kay (Sir) Harold for burning the rock! pero i cant go back to Times anymore..complicated ang sked, traumatized na rin ako sa mga tao dyan..hi mo nalang ako kay jasmin..

oh well, i guess i could update na ulit everyday..may internet na ulit ang library! yay! hoy harold hindi po ako addict sa just so happened na deprived ako sa internet dahil wala kaming net sa house!hehe..

have to go for now..will post pics from the magical fone next time..

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