Saturday, June 04, 2005

i was absent yesterday at work because i had to go to Prudential Plans in Makati..

imagine me, waiting for a letter that wasnt going to be mailed at my house. and guess what's that letter is for? just my admission to enroll for fourth year.

i was freaking out that it still hasnt arrived. because "duh!", it has to arrive as possible or i may not be able to enrol. so when i finally had the chance, i asked Daisy why it still isnt mailed yet. and surprise! UST and other schools failed to renew the contract so i have to go to Makati to be issued an admission slip. not so tough right? WRONG!

when i finally woke up yesterday and spilled the news to my mom, she freaked out more than i did. and of course, blaming me AGAIN for everything (e.g. not confirming the letter to prudential, telling her just now, and maybe if i heard more, blaming me for coming out of her..hehehe!) so after that, i had to call Jasmin to ask Mr. Tenorio to excuse my absence and she did..

Line isnt that long at Prudential. We got the SAS immediately, so after that, shopping galore na kami ni mama sa sm, glorietta,greenbelt and landmark. My mom's so funny coz we got lost and she would always tell me na alam daw niya yung daan, etc..WHATEVER MA!

so im here again at Times, feeling so at home again.. and this would be my last day! waaah! i really dont wanna go yet, but i have to start school again..too bad..

i guess, my last gimmick before i go to school going to Baywalk tonight. i mean, i really have to celebrate for the 120+ hours that I slaved for Times..

but here's for the freebies and comments that Ms. Tessa gave me, the POW's and Prime Times that i did for Ms. Terrie, The Business news that i did about Madagascar's port for Sir Arnold, the Esther Punongbayan article that Ms. Riza and Ms. Nini asked me to write, for the terrors that the business sec's caused me, to Kuya Harold for always logging the computer for me, to Sir Allan for the late but superb ID, Kuya Romy for letting us into the office without having to show our ID's, Ms. Jackie and Ms. Karen for making us at home and for the chickas in the library, To Sir Rome for giving us his smile?, to Ms. Leah for the researches, content analysis and the assignments, and to Jasmin for being a great co-intern- your stories will be missed!

Parting is such sweet sorrow..=) i just love it here that i dont wanna leave anymore. but i have to.. something's telling me that TIME'S UP! I just hope that someday, i would get to work with this team again.

well, Ciao!

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