Friday, February 25, 2005

summary of my week

sorry i havent had any time to post everyday, but i guess i made sure to check this once in a while..

well, monday was pretty nice but then, my dad went for work abroad mom wanted me to skip class, but i declined since ive got too many things to do..but still posted and got too ectatic with my new layout..(",)

last tuesday was our journbatch recollection..i cant reflect well coz i was so amazed by the beautiful view at our side, and not to mention that we were the last group and we could barely hear the speaker..but not so bad though, i get to confess,comtemplate and everything..

after the recollection, we went straight to Q.C. to check for City jails around..we were passed from one office to another..went we got to Camp Caringal, we were scared because of the noise that were caused by the prison..when we asked the officer if we could take pictures, he couldnt understand our point and he said that he'd give us a calendar instead..helloh? what are we going to do with a single calendar? besides, it wouldnt be called "a day in a life of a female jail warden"...if that were the case, then i would probably step out of my chosen career and trash the whole journalist dream..

so our last result is to go to the juvenile youth after that, we went to their regional office to get a permit and all that stuff..arrgh! we were really pissed considering that the only free time we had is the following day..

was my first time to follow directions..i went to earlie's house to get her first, i got scared coz i might get lost or anything, but i got there alive!!
then nina told me that we could take pics at Camp Caringal..woohoo!!

when we went there, we found out that there is some sort of celebration--their 3rd year was great coz it didnt look scary anymore..and FYI, we misconcept "WARDENS" as jail guards, but they're not...actually, they were the head of the jail..she was very accomodating and she told us that she is presently studying at the university..and she mentioned some people.but i forgot it na..

so yun, it was so cool, although there are some prisoners who frequently asks us stupid questions like "DO you know this person?", etc..i mean, the whole UST is so big! and by the way, this world is too...

Warden RAYANDAYAN was so cool, she often mentions us to her colleagues, and she was so kikay..ang saya..Col. Jover also told us that if we become journalists, we should practice BALANCE..maybe because of the rift between media and police..

we ended the day by talking to PO Santoluis, who is very friendly pa..he asks us of volleyball players in Ust..he was a very big fan!

after seeing the soft side of the police, i guess im not scared of them anymore..i always see them tough so my mind was already corrupted..but if im gonna have this experience again, i wouldnt miss it for the world! im so glad i did this..


we had our pics developed and theyre great..guess we really captured happy..though i ended my day being sad coz of the POLITICAL DYNAMICS' prelim..haay, i really have to work harder this time..

gotta go check on other things..needed that outlet very badly...teee-hee..

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

may bago!

c abigail ruth reyes ang diyosa ng mga nagla-layout ng blog!
ganda ganda diba?

haay, im so happy that she did these, despite the fact na sobrang ka-busyhan ng taong ito..

grabe, sobrang happy talaga ko..daig ko pa nanalo ng nobel peace prize..hehe


my dad left na pala..went to the airport gonna miss him..
at marami akong stories about my day, although wala na kong masyadong time magkwento, nextime nalang po..


buzzing out!

thanks talaga!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

new layout coming up!

im so excited coz abby said that my layout's already finished..
thank you very very very much!!!


So last night, i was able to watch Dacles in SEARCH FOR A STAR IN A MILLION.. hello? he's way too better than the other contestants..Billy Joel Bartolome, does not sing well! im telling you..but in this world, it would always be unfair..BTW, i think that Billy Joel is my former classmate when i was in elementary..feeling ko lang naman huh! pero im sorry, mas magaling si Dacles noh! i just hope he'll win on the WILDCARD category..haay, wala kasing voting by text..pero Dacles, mahal ka naming mga journ..hello! singing Journalist ka yata! hehe

and OMG!WAZZUP WAZZUP is also blogging..hehe.. and also, i already called the MAnila City Jail..pero may phobia pa rin talaga ko sa police..dunno why..i just don't like them that much..maybe the fact that they don't look that friendly..i dunno..
im also not late today,(clap,clap) only to find out that sir Galan and Prof Herrera wont go to class today..i shouldve just went to Nova last have to go home by myself..

Friday, February 18, 2005

bitter not better...

i really hate myself for being bitter a lot of times..

its as if i really dont know how to in be mature.i know i couldnt literally "grow" anymore..=)

but anyway, i dont wanna please everyone tired being the nice but loud girl..maybe i even hate smiling na rin..i dont know, pero i know i have to defend myself na. even if its because of friendship or because of school stuffs..

arrgh...anyway, i really hate my brother.. he wants me to do all his work, i mean, im the oldest di ba? i dont have to be bullied ny my 13-year old brother! he will pay! big time hehe..

and i want to thank my friends who stood by my side the last time i cried.. i could never thank you enough..mahal ko talaga kayo. san pa ba ko makakakita ng ganun? sa journ lang diba?

ciao! im so glad our report is over..made some mistakes but its ok i guess..

(anyway, ito ang bagong LSS!!)
phantom of the opera
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John Kerry

Thursday, February 17, 2005


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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

valentine feverish

before anything else, i would like to say sorry to my classmates.i know that i failed all of us.alam ko na dapat eh inintindi ko kayo at hindi na dinamay pa sa tantrums ko and everything. i never thought that it would go this far..and i never thought na dahil sa ginawa ko, magpe-perish tayong so so sorry..**HUGS**


i never cried like this before, even when i failed to do something, i usually cry but not this hard. i know its childish and immature but i just got pissed at the professor to snap him like that!like as if he never listened to us. i love the subject, but now i have to think twice before saying it again...

aja! i know i have to prove to sir javier that im not this sissy. that i could still do the task..(can i?) i really have doubts about my capacity. i really feel bad about my outburst, but i really have to face it now.


the Lovapalooza was really great, having experienced to see different people, all sorts of couples, but there were a lot of pervs in the country.

despite our sole purpose, (fall in line, get the magazine, run, and go home afterwards)it finally dawned to me that it isnt really that easy. because of the pervs that are drooling for the FHM and COSMOPOLITAN girls, we spent an hour, falling in line alone. turned out that you cannot get the mag unless you agreed take a picture with the COSMO hunks there, sadly, only one of the hunk came. he was that guy in the KFC commercial (yep, the one who gave us the line "GUSTO MO? E DI BUMILI KA!", that annoying guy there)..i was starstruck, really. and he thought that Brent and i were a couple, he asked us to kiss.. haha! as if..

there were a lot of actors too.. Ultimate crushie Drew Arellano, Ashlee Simpson wannabe-Iya Villania, loveless Bianca King and John Prats.. i didnt get too kilig with the hosts actually.. And while waiting pala in line, I saw the sexy star Belinda Bright and lots of stripping FHM girls..eeww! also glanced at Brent Javier ( oh no, im not impressed!)

but the main highlight, which i was so happy about was when Bamboo finally appeared on stage. and the crowd went roaring for it. i guess dahil "pang-Masa" ung Noypi, feeling everyone could relate daw..ok? i didnt get that..but ang galing coz they sang "Wag na Lang Kaya" by True Faith. they gave justice to the song..ang galing..whoo!

AFter getting the mag, and after making my our way through the crowd, Brent suddenly stopped and looked worried coz he thought that his cellfone was lost(dunno if it was snatched or it dropped) i asked him to retrace our steps..(as if, with the crowd and all?)and look again at the CoSMO Booth, but to no avail, it was already gone..

i really felt bad for him. its his 2nd time already and the LOvapalooza would remind him every year that in the same event, he lost his fone..'sad''sad'...i guess wala na talaga kaming magagawa..

when i finally got home, saw the Lovapalooza countdown on was really good, but being in a conservative country and all, the couples were not afraid to show theirselves kissing for the world to see.. but it was great coz they're not afraid to show their love..cheers for the Philippines for they set a world record again.

all we really need is love, so please, do spread some more..=)

Sunday, February 13, 2005


our pictures were under exposed..sad=( sad =(

but nina tried least 8 were able to come out..(halleluia!)

i dunno what's happening to me last night.. i just cried for no apparent reason. i even begged my mom to buy me load to text deejay coz i really feel sad and a bit immature actually..i feel stressed, i feel sad about the upcoming valentine's day--being single and all that..and felt like a loser that i havent been able to find true love in my 19 years of existence..i know im being so shallow, but its really weird of me to think this way..i mean, how many valentine's have i already spent being single? a lot..but this time, i really felt alone...haay..have to slap myself while saying this b***s***!


and to add the weirdness, i asked brent if he wanted me to be his first kiss..haha! (as if naman eh mahal na mahal nia si kitin!) ayt brent? apir..its just a joke..and i even told them that i missed it..hehe..joking again..but its really my main reason why i dont wanna go to that lovapalooza (although i could get a chance to be with 3 yummy hunks.)i just dunno if that's true..bleech!

and by the way, i have this ex-flame named francis..its his birthday today..i just thought of him..lost communication with him, and i dont wanna retrace him again..

i dunno what im saying anymore..but this valentine really suck!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

amazing race mania

amazing race ended today..freddy and kendra won..whohoo! ALTHOUGH i really am going for adam and rebecca, i guess the game is fair and square...=D tapos when hayden and aaron were out, nagpropose si aaron sa cool is that?


ayun nga, im so happy that i finally got the flash all figured out..i was worried last night na di xia gagana eh...basta im raring to try it out tomorrow..cge po jam, pag ok na xia, ill lend it to you guys..

yay! malapit na ang valentine's day..i dont wanna have a countdown coz i have a zero lovelife ryt now, but im enjoying the fact that there are flowers and hearts everywhere..just like xmas!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

lovapalooza o indi..

Lovapalooza or not?

question lang po..i dunno kasi eh..baka rin mag-alala mga tao sa haus pag di ako nakarating ng maaga, and besides, wala namang date si lil' 'ol me eh...haay..7 days nalang valentines day na!!!


and starfish havent replied yet..ewan ko..basta tama naman lahat ng sinabi ko sa kanya noh!

advanced happy hearts day!huhuhu

badtrip talaga!

Sh!* KA!!!helga

para to sa lalaking hindi alam ang meaning ng blog.

sa lalaking binigyan ako ng rose sa kasal ng ate nya.

sa lalaking nagpaiyak sa akin nung debut ko!

sa lalaking walang care kung ang ex girlfriend niya eh kamukha ni mahal!

sa lalaking sobra kong mahal pero GOD Im so fed up!

i thought na ok na since nag-sorry na talaga ko..pero hindi pa rin! silent treatment, nakakainis na mail sa inbox ko, at dose-dosenang sermon pa din ang nakukuha ko mula sa kanya!

langya! eh nung sobra mo kong sinaktan noon, nagso-sorry ka ba araw-araw? pinatawa mo ba ko ng mga forwarded jokes? di ba hindi naman, mas naging worse pa dahil araw ng birthday ko, lupaypay na yung mga mata ko kakaiyak! tapos isang stupid mistake lang, ito-torture mo ko?!? unfair diba?

i dunno what to do..basta ang alam ko lang, the message that i deleted isnt even worth the pain that he caused me for 3 long years!so ngayon, i dont care kung magalit ka pa ulit! basta nag-sorry ako, im done! i dont want to beg for forgiveness anymore dahil wala pa sa kalingkingan ng sakit na nafi-feel ko ngayon?

bullshitting over! ayoko ng makipag-lokohan at kung ayaw nya kong patawarin, i dont give a damn!

hell, that hurts, but i have to do it! AJA!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

if sorry isnt enuf...

if a simple sorry isnt enough, what is?

ok so last wednesday, i had this urge to open my ex's account...again (may permission so ok lang)..i dunno what came over me when i saw his ex's message and his previous message to her..afterwards (and i'll try not to make it so dramatic), my evil evil hand possessed me to delete the message, empty his trash bin, and now the message couldnt be viewed anymore...

i said i was sorry but i know it couldnt change anything.. i really feel bad.. i guess this stupidity thingie is finally kicking over me and i lost his trust,oo yung taong mahal na mahal ko, ung sinasabi kong soulmate ko daw...i really dont know what to do..

at guess what? his birthday is coming in a few days, hindi na nga ko makakapunta sa party niya because of numerous reasons, which by the way is having saturday classes, un pang kasamaan ang ginawa ko before his birthday..

oo, galit ako sa ex nya..sobra..and actually, sya yung reason why i always snoop at StARFISH.. pero message nya nga yun..i dunno how to feel..i just wanna die.

waah! ayoko na talaga sa earth!

Friday, February 04, 2005

happy AB WEEK

dahil mahal ko ang mahal ko ang journ, i wish to celebrate this day..hehe..not just because of the free food that's been loitering around the AB halls but because of the suspension of the morning classes! (yup, we skipped spanish, but really, im beginning to sort of like it na..)

and again,i fooled myself..i really wish na ma-glue ko na yung thoughts ko sa isang person na alam kong deserving or sino ba talaga ang right man..haay, still, lovelife sucks..buti nalang nanjan c bubut yesterday, kung hindi, baka naloka na talaga ko..

that's all..wala naman masyadong ginawa eh..ta ta!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

wala na cla

Originally uploaded by sugarsmile.
haha! lori and bolo are finally out of the amazing not sad that they're eliminated..i dont like them kasi..lori makes this annoying sound when she talks..katakot talaga..and im happy that adam and rebecca's still in it..haay..sobrang fan na talaga ko..

****and hopefully, i could change my layout na..di na kasi lumalabas ung mga images ng blog ko..sad pero i have to dismiss na the pinky pink blog...huhuhu

un lang..saya ng life...


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