Sunday, February 20, 2005

im so excited coz abby said that my layout's already finished..
thank you very very very much!!!


So last night, i was able to watch Dacles in SEARCH FOR A STAR IN A MILLION.. hello? he's way too better than the other contestants..Billy Joel Bartolome, does not sing well! im telling you..but in this world, it would always be unfair..BTW, i think that Billy Joel is my former classmate when i was in elementary..feeling ko lang naman huh! pero im sorry, mas magaling si Dacles noh! i just hope he'll win on the WILDCARD category..haay, wala kasing voting by text..pero Dacles, mahal ka naming mga journ..hello! singing Journalist ka yata! hehe

and OMG!WAZZUP WAZZUP is also blogging..hehe.. and also, i already called the MAnila City Jail..pero may phobia pa rin talaga ko sa police..dunno why..i just don't like them that much..maybe the fact that they don't look that friendly..i dunno..
im also not late today,(clap,clap) only to find out that sir Galan and Prof Herrera wont go to class today..i shouldve just went to Nova last have to go home by myself..

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