Friday, February 25, 2005

sorry i havent had any time to post everyday, but i guess i made sure to check this once in a while..

well, monday was pretty nice but then, my dad went for work abroad mom wanted me to skip class, but i declined since ive got too many things to do..but still posted and got too ectatic with my new layout..(",)

last tuesday was our journbatch recollection..i cant reflect well coz i was so amazed by the beautiful view at our side, and not to mention that we were the last group and we could barely hear the speaker..but not so bad though, i get to confess,comtemplate and everything..

after the recollection, we went straight to Q.C. to check for City jails around..we were passed from one office to another..went we got to Camp Caringal, we were scared because of the noise that were caused by the prison..when we asked the officer if we could take pictures, he couldnt understand our point and he said that he'd give us a calendar instead..helloh? what are we going to do with a single calendar? besides, it wouldnt be called "a day in a life of a female jail warden"...if that were the case, then i would probably step out of my chosen career and trash the whole journalist dream..

so our last result is to go to the juvenile youth after that, we went to their regional office to get a permit and all that stuff..arrgh! we were really pissed considering that the only free time we had is the following day..

was my first time to follow directions..i went to earlie's house to get her first, i got scared coz i might get lost or anything, but i got there alive!!
then nina told me that we could take pics at Camp Caringal..woohoo!!

when we went there, we found out that there is some sort of celebration--their 3rd year was great coz it didnt look scary anymore..and FYI, we misconcept "WARDENS" as jail guards, but they're not...actually, they were the head of the jail..she was very accomodating and she told us that she is presently studying at the university..and she mentioned some people.but i forgot it na..

so yun, it was so cool, although there are some prisoners who frequently asks us stupid questions like "DO you know this person?", etc..i mean, the whole UST is so big! and by the way, this world is too...

Warden RAYANDAYAN was so cool, she often mentions us to her colleagues, and she was so kikay..ang saya..Col. Jover also told us that if we become journalists, we should practice BALANCE..maybe because of the rift between media and police..

we ended the day by talking to PO Santoluis, who is very friendly pa..he asks us of volleyball players in Ust..he was a very big fan!

after seeing the soft side of the police, i guess im not scared of them anymore..i always see them tough so my mind was already corrupted..but if im gonna have this experience again, i wouldnt miss it for the world! im so glad i did this..


we had our pics developed and theyre great..guess we really captured happy..though i ended my day being sad coz of the POLITICAL DYNAMICS' prelim..haay, i really have to work harder this time..

gotta go check on other things..needed that outlet very badly...teee-hee..

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