Tuesday, February 15, 2005

before anything else, i would like to say sorry to my classmates.i know that i failed all of us.alam ko na dapat eh inintindi ko kayo at hindi na dinamay pa sa tantrums ko and everything. i never thought that it would go this far..and i never thought na dahil sa ginawa ko, magpe-perish tayong lahat..im so so sorry..**HUGS**


i never cried like this before, even when i failed to do something, i usually cry but not this hard. i know its childish and immature but i just got pissed at the professor to snap him like that!like as if he never listened to us. i love the subject, but now i have to think twice before saying it again...

aja! i know i have to prove to sir javier that im not this sissy. that i could still do the task..(can i?) i really have doubts about my capacity. i really feel bad about my outburst, but i really have to face it now.


the Lovapalooza was really great, having experienced to see different people, all sorts of couples, but there were a lot of pervs in the country.

despite our sole purpose, (fall in line, get the magazine, run, and go home afterwards)it finally dawned to me that it isnt really that easy. because of the pervs that are drooling for the FHM and COSMOPOLITAN girls, we spent an hour, falling in line alone. turned out that you cannot get the mag unless you agreed take a picture with the COSMO hunks there, sadly, only one of the hunk came. he was that guy in the KFC commercial (yep, the one who gave us the line "GUSTO MO? E DI BUMILI KA!", that annoying guy there)..i was starstruck, really. and he thought that Brent and i were a couple, he asked us to kiss.. haha! as if..

there were a lot of actors too.. Ultimate crushie Drew Arellano, Ashlee Simpson wannabe-Iya Villania, loveless Bianca King and John Prats.. i didnt get too kilig with the hosts actually.. And while waiting pala in line, I saw the sexy star Belinda Bright and lots of stripping FHM girls..eeww! also glanced at Brent Javier ( oh no, im not impressed!)

but the main highlight, which i was so happy about was when Bamboo finally appeared on stage. and the crowd went roaring for it. i guess dahil "pang-Masa" ung Noypi, feeling everyone could relate daw..ok? i didnt get that..but ang galing coz they sang "Wag na Lang Kaya" by True Faith. they gave justice to the song..ang galing..whoo!

AFter getting the mag, and after making my our way through the crowd, Brent suddenly stopped and looked worried coz he thought that his cellfone was lost(dunno if it was snatched or it dropped)..so i asked him to retrace our steps..(as if, with the crowd and all?)and look again at the CoSMO Booth, but to no avail, it was already gone..

i really felt bad for him. its his 2nd time already and the LOvapalooza would remind him every year that in the same event, he lost his fone..'sad''sad'...i guess wala na talaga kaming magagawa..

when i finally got home, saw the Lovapalooza countdown on tv..it was really good, but being in a conservative country and all, the couples were not afraid to show theirselves kissing for the world to see.. but it was great coz they're not afraid to show their love..cheers for the Philippines for they set a world record again.

all we really need is love, so please, do spread some more..=)

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