Sunday, February 13, 2005

our pictures were under exposed..sad=( sad =(

but nina tried least 8 were able to come out..(halleluia!)

i dunno what's happening to me last night.. i just cried for no apparent reason. i even begged my mom to buy me load to text deejay coz i really feel sad and a bit immature actually..i feel stressed, i feel sad about the upcoming valentine's day--being single and all that..and felt like a loser that i havent been able to find true love in my 19 years of existence..i know im being so shallow, but its really weird of me to think this way..i mean, how many valentine's have i already spent being single? a lot..but this time, i really felt alone...haay..have to slap myself while saying this b***s***!


and to add the weirdness, i asked brent if he wanted me to be his first kiss..haha! (as if naman eh mahal na mahal nia si kitin!) ayt brent? apir..its just a joke..and i even told them that i missed it..hehe..joking again..but its really my main reason why i dont wanna go to that lovapalooza (although i could get a chance to be with 3 yummy hunks.)i just dunno if that's true..bleech!

and by the way, i have this ex-flame named francis..its his birthday today..i just thought of him..lost communication with him, and i dont wanna retrace him again..

i dunno what im saying anymore..but this valentine really suck!

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