Sunday, February 06, 2005

if a simple sorry isnt enough, what is?

ok so last wednesday, i had this urge to open my ex's account...again (may permission so ok lang)..i dunno what came over me when i saw his ex's message and his previous message to her..afterwards (and i'll try not to make it so dramatic), my evil evil hand possessed me to delete the message, empty his trash bin, and now the message couldnt be viewed anymore...

i said i was sorry but i know it couldnt change anything.. i really feel bad.. i guess this stupidity thingie is finally kicking over me and i lost his trust,oo yung taong mahal na mahal ko, ung sinasabi kong soulmate ko daw...i really dont know what to do..

at guess what? his birthday is coming in a few days, hindi na nga ko makakapunta sa party niya because of numerous reasons, which by the way is having saturday classes, un pang kasamaan ang ginawa ko before his birthday..

oo, galit ako sa ex nya..sobra..and actually, sya yung reason why i always snoop at StARFISH.. pero message nya nga yun..i dunno how to feel..i just wanna die.

waah! ayoko na talaga sa earth!

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