Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just When I Thought...

That everything was okay, Hon's Dad passed away this morning. My memories with Tito Rodel is as vivid as the skies on a summer day. It may not be as much, but it has been unforgettable.

Tito Rodel (left) with the other Dads during happier days. :)

When I was two or three years old, he made me sing my favorite songs. But I had only two in mind, BAHAY KUBO and AMA NAMIN. So when I finish one song, I would then proceed to the other. ANd the funny thing was, I keep on repeating them over and over again. So when he was already fed up with my voice, he suddenly bribed to pay me to sing another song instead of the latter. Of course, no one ever said that to me. Ever.

So to you, the jukebox coin feeder, may you rock in heaven. And always take care of your family down here. I may not have been your daughter (yet) and we havent got the chance to be in-laws, but you know that I have always treated you as my second Dad. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

From the little princess...

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm No Playgirl, Eh?

I feel as if he could make my character post in a Playboy mag, he would. hahaha. :P Yep, that is bf's Restaurant City. I would show you mine, but it is barely fab for now. Because I freaking love Pet Society and addicted to it uber much. Anyhoo, he dressed my character in bunny ears and Cheong-Sam. How about that. Its weird, and so much for that. hahaha.


Its my second month in RSB. Yay! I'm so happy that I have met these amazing people. We may have been in a different age group, but we totally jive well. And I'm so excited with the upcoming projects, it making me more giddy.

Speaking about work, Maam Kit told me that she found the new "Ria". Kidding! What I meant was, she found her new Communications Assistant. And just like me when I was still starting at FC, she is starting from scratch. But I know that once she's settled, she'll learn a lot of things from Maam Kit, just like I did. And I think I would be forever grateful to her. You see, Maam Kit did not just become my boss when I stepped into FC, she has also been a friend, a second mother and a mentor. My resume would not been pristine if not for her numerous trainings. And yeah, I SO MISS HER! And the CCD team, past or present. :)

And though life has to go on, more chapters on my story would continue to thrive.


Anu ba Harry? Ang tagal mo naman! I'msoeffingwantingtowatchyoualready! Although this is the most heartbreaking story in the saga, considering what will happen to Professor Dumbledore, I just want it shown already. July 15 please arrive already.

Plus I really cried while reading this book. Over! hahaha. :P

Speaking of books, I finally finished Kapitan Sino by Bob Ong. He is superb, as expected. But I also wanted him to produce more books like ABNKKBSNPLA ako?!? You know, like relating more to newer times and injecting really funny anecdotes and stuff. But in Kapitan Sino, I feel for Rogelio. Like wanting to save the world but people make excuses for wanting something perfect. And the painful truth that it couldnt really happen without doing something good and being sincere about it.

And I really loved the part when Tessa and Rogelio stayed under the moon and exchanged a sweet conversation. It made me melt. And wishing that Tessa could see him, literally. :P


Father's Day tomorrow. And since Dad and Mom are at Nova tomorrow, there wouldnt be a special celebration for tomorrow. I'm no daddy's girl, but I respect him as a dad, our provider, our fix-everything guy and most of all, the head of our family.

So to all daddies in the world, Happy Father's Day!

And special mention to Hon's superdad, Tito Rodel. Im just ecstatic that you have raised a fine man like Pat. :)

Most of all, Happy Father's Day Papa! :) We may not be that close, but I'm happy that you have been a generous dad to your family.


Gotta go now. Tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow, we will be celebrating our 37th month! Yay-ness! :)

Love you Hon. <3


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blue Moon

Maraming tao dito sa mundo ang mas malungkot pa sa taong nakatira sa buwan. Saka hindi naman kailangan ng maraming tao para bumuo ng mundo. Minsan ISANG TAO lang ang kasama mo, buo na ang mundong kailangan mo habambuhay.--Kapitan Sino, Bob Ong


Sobrang cheezy! But true for some. :) And this made me smile today.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June na pala..

Seriously, I thought I'm still lurking in May. Maybe because I started vacation early, and it ended early for me. And June is my most dreaded month. See, I still come early for work...for now. So yeah, I'm worried that June will end my "earliest" reign in our department or something like that.


June is also for weddings! And although I'm not gonna be married anytime soon, I am for love and happy endings. :)

Facebook is just so funny sometimes. Said I'm gonna be married in 2010, but I'll be married by 23. Hahaha. Whatever FB. :P


I have my favorite sites in Tumblr. Well, I adore tumblr nowadays, but having numerous blogs can be tedious. But I love how they post mini-blogs in it and still be quite interesting. Its like blogging without so much effort.

And now I so love fashion blogs. And I wanna learn how to sew. :P And I wanna be in Tim Gunn's guide to style. hahaha.


Work is <3.

We will be having this new promo and stuff. I can't wait to be part of it. I just wish that we'll be briefing somewhere far. *crosses fingers* Wish ko lang. :P. But really, I wanna be part of something that big. This Monday, we'll be going on a photoshoot. *Excited*

Anyhoo, this is just my first half of June. Hope it'll be exciting on the next. haha.

Smoochies! :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Oh Shoot!

Pabaitin niyo na nga ko. :)

I wish:

- Hindi na ko mang-away.

- Hindi na ko mag-sourgrape.

- Hindi na ko manlait.

...Wish ko lang. hahaha.

Or I promise, magpapakabait ako pag naging kasing-cute ko tong kid na to. LOLz.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Love or Bread

I have actually watched this sa web. Now ABS-CBN will show it in Tagalized version. Awww. :)

Too bad its gonna be shown in the afternoon. So wala ring kwenta in my part. hahaha :P

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hello, Can I Like, Melt Now?

Now I don't care about the Edward-Bella haters out there, but this is just so cute. :)

(Taken from New Moon) Ah Rob, pwede bang kahit taga-punas ng pawis mo? Ohh la la! :P


I (think) I might be going to Pampanga on Friday for an event. Im not sure yet. But its fine with me. Anyway, I'm used to being on an Official Business outside the office every now and then. Work couldnt get any better. I am just waiting for the promo to be launched then its busy, busy, busy for me again. :) And of course, there's that Auction every month.

Like today, I feel as if I havent worked AT ALL. Seriously. Because I was still devastated of what happened to my beloved Tuck, I used most of my working time backing up what's left of it. :P Thankfully, I got all the files out of it, so I could restore it to factory settings again.

Fortunately for me because I have pimped it out for the past year, putting up album covers in every song. That's how special Tuck is to me. :P

... Now if only my internet doesnt suck, upgrading to version 1.1.4 would be a breeze. Must be the rain. Argh.


I can't wait for back pay. (Hello, H.R?) Well, I really can't wait for the stuffs I am planning to buy when it comes out. Anu bah! Really now, hmm:

I want Katy Perry's shoes in Thinking of You.

Giambattista Valli shoes

Conscience says: Hon will kill you. (Okay, I'm done drooling. :P)

And anyway, where in the world will I strut these? hahaha.


Upgrading isnt complete yet. Screw slow dsl. Screw rain messing up the telephone lines. I guess I have to wait till freakin' Saturday to cure Tuck. :(

Signing off now! Byers! :D

Monday, June 01, 2009

And this is something to blog about

New Moon Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I really can't wait for the movie. November 20, 2009. :P


Now on the blogging stuff, last Wednesday, I went to my old office to meet Miss Che and jog again. Then the CCD people are going to Aysee's because Sir Glen is leaving too. Its just so weird hearing stories and stuff and feeling that you dont belong anymore. Maam Kit even asked me to join them. But they will forever be my friends, I guess there are just limits now.

But speaking of work, I'm beginning to feel that I do belong now. Inside jokes were understood na and cracking it with the three bosses make me feel already in. :) See, I just needed time. hehe.


My Lola Elba died last week so reunions with some of the Lumandogs happened last Sunday. Len already has a daughter. I mean, it feels just like yesterday when we were rehearsing to dance at our cousin's wedding at Iloilo and sleeping overs at our house playing my Barbies and stuffed toys. So much has change.

And I feel that I really have to embrace it. :D

Hon's family and I went to Batangas last Saturday naman. Ayun, had the chance to meet some of his clan at his father's side. They were nice, not chaotic, but okay. haha. :P


My internet access at home is finally seeing light. Well, hopefully tomorrow will become great day. hahaha.

New books raves:

I can't wait to buy Bob Ong's new book, Kapitan Sino. Another great masterpiece for sure. :P

And this one, I am so proud of.

"At Large, At Leisure" is my Feature Writing Professor, Nestor Cuartero's first book. This is a collection of feature stories he has written all over the years, from Panorama and other publications. Published by, who else, UST Publishing House. :)


Books, movies, friends. What more can I ever ask for? This is definitely where I'm rich at, and I will never change that.

See you later peeps! :P


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