Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seriously, I thought I'm still lurking in May. Maybe because I started vacation early, and it ended early for me. And June is my most dreaded month. See, I still come early for work...for now. So yeah, I'm worried that June will end my "earliest" reign in our department or something like that.


June is also for weddings! And although I'm not gonna be married anytime soon, I am for love and happy endings. :)

Facebook is just so funny sometimes. Said I'm gonna be married in 2010, but I'll be married by 23. Hahaha. Whatever FB. :P


I have my favorite sites in Tumblr. Well, I adore tumblr nowadays, but having numerous blogs can be tedious. But I love how they post mini-blogs in it and still be quite interesting. Its like blogging without so much effort.

And now I so love fashion blogs. And I wanna learn how to sew. :P And I wanna be in Tim Gunn's guide to style. hahaha.


Work is <3.

We will be having this new promo and stuff. I can't wait to be part of it. I just wish that we'll be briefing somewhere far. *crosses fingers* Wish ko lang. :P. But really, I wanna be part of something that big. This Monday, we'll be going on a photoshoot. *Excited*

Anyhoo, this is just my first half of June. Hope it'll be exciting on the next. haha.

Smoochies! :)

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