Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That everything was okay, Hon's Dad passed away this morning. My memories with Tito Rodel is as vivid as the skies on a summer day. It may not be as much, but it has been unforgettable.

Tito Rodel (left) with the other Dads during happier days. :)

When I was two or three years old, he made me sing my favorite songs. But I had only two in mind, BAHAY KUBO and AMA NAMIN. So when I finish one song, I would then proceed to the other. ANd the funny thing was, I keep on repeating them over and over again. So when he was already fed up with my voice, he suddenly bribed to pay me to sing another song instead of the latter. Of course, no one ever said that to me. Ever.

So to you, the jukebox coin feeder, may you rock in heaven. And always take care of your family down here. I may not have been your daughter (yet) and we havent got the chance to be in-laws, but you know that I have always treated you as my second Dad. :)

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