Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pasig Day is awesome, I know, but being inside the house on what supposed to be on of my free days is so not cool. Seriously. These things only happen during my weekends. Not on Thursdays. :P

I so wanna go out. But I wanna quarantine myself first until this sore throat stops. :P


Yesterday, RSB Marketing (and the whole company) launched its newest baby.

credits to Dimple who made the image. :)

So anyhow, TWO WAY GIVEAWAY is RCBC Savings Bank's newest promo where you could win a home appliance showcase and a brand new car just be saving your money or getting its loan products. It is a fair deal because you do not only get to benefit from the products, but its a win to get the amazing prizes.

.. So yeah, I'm just psyched to get to promote this one. :)

I just hope that many could participate in this. Sobrang cool deal right?


Yesterday, Hon and I went to SM MOA because we havent been on a date for a long time. Were supposed to see a movie but since it was too late already and Transformers lasts for like two plus hours, I declined. Plus I was sick to even try to digest any movie. But no H1N1 for me. hehehe.

Thankfully for Mitzi, Hon was able to drive me home, or I would be sent off catching the train and killing my ass off just to get to the station. Especially with my feet bitching on me. :P


I love Philippine Stock Exchange Bazaars! Yay!

I just wish I'm super rich because I want an impulsive buy yesterday. I only bought a jacket. But its a win buy. :)

Gotta go for now. Still no internet for me at the office. The only chance I'll get that for sure is when Ms. Donna's back from her leave. GL to me. :P

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