Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Now I don't care about the Edward-Bella haters out there, but this is just so cute. :)

(Taken from New Moon) Ah Rob, pwede bang kahit taga-punas ng pawis mo? Ohh la la! :P


I (think) I might be going to Pampanga on Friday for an event. Im not sure yet. But its fine with me. Anyway, I'm used to being on an Official Business outside the office every now and then. Work couldnt get any better. I am just waiting for the promo to be launched then its busy, busy, busy for me again. :) And of course, there's that Auction every month.

Like today, I feel as if I havent worked AT ALL. Seriously. Because I was still devastated of what happened to my beloved Tuck, I used most of my working time backing up what's left of it. :P Thankfully, I got all the files out of it, so I could restore it to factory settings again.

Fortunately for me because I have pimped it out for the past year, putting up album covers in every song. That's how special Tuck is to me. :P

... Now if only my internet doesnt suck, upgrading to version 1.1.4 would be a breeze. Must be the rain. Argh.


I can't wait for back pay. (Hello, H.R?) Well, I really can't wait for the stuffs I am planning to buy when it comes out. Anu bah! Really now, hmm:

I want Katy Perry's shoes in Thinking of You.

Giambattista Valli shoes

Conscience says: Hon will kill you. (Okay, I'm done drooling. :P)

And anyway, where in the world will I strut these? hahaha.


Upgrading isnt complete yet. Screw slow dsl. Screw rain messing up the telephone lines. I guess I have to wait till freakin' Saturday to cure Tuck. :(

Signing off now! Byers! :D

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