Monday, June 01, 2009

New Moon Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I really can't wait for the movie. November 20, 2009. :P


Now on the blogging stuff, last Wednesday, I went to my old office to meet Miss Che and jog again. Then the CCD people are going to Aysee's because Sir Glen is leaving too. Its just so weird hearing stories and stuff and feeling that you dont belong anymore. Maam Kit even asked me to join them. But they will forever be my friends, I guess there are just limits now.

But speaking of work, I'm beginning to feel that I do belong now. Inside jokes were understood na and cracking it with the three bosses make me feel already in. :) See, I just needed time. hehe.


My Lola Elba died last week so reunions with some of the Lumandogs happened last Sunday. Len already has a daughter. I mean, it feels just like yesterday when we were rehearsing to dance at our cousin's wedding at Iloilo and sleeping overs at our house playing my Barbies and stuffed toys. So much has change.

And I feel that I really have to embrace it. :D

Hon's family and I went to Batangas last Saturday naman. Ayun, had the chance to meet some of his clan at his father's side. They were nice, not chaotic, but okay. haha. :P


My internet access at home is finally seeing light. Well, hopefully tomorrow will become great day. hahaha.

New books raves:

I can't wait to buy Bob Ong's new book, Kapitan Sino. Another great masterpiece for sure. :P

And this one, I am so proud of.

"At Large, At Leisure" is my Feature Writing Professor, Nestor Cuartero's first book. This is a collection of feature stories he has written all over the years, from Panorama and other publications. Published by, who else, UST Publishing House. :)


Books, movies, friends. What more can I ever ask for? This is definitely where I'm rich at, and I will never change that.

See you later peeps! :P

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