Sunday, April 26, 2009

And it starts to matter...

Note to self:

Never ever look for a new job during summertime. It causes anxiety and depression. Like when you see your friends circling the Philippines visiting exotic places while you're stuck in your cubicle and figuring out what your boss wants you to do.

Seriously, I'm in deep envy. Not in the 7-Capital sins kind of way, but transferring jobs mean that you have to invest your whole self (emotionally, physically and financially) to your new company. Meaning nada leaves for the summer, limited vacay destinations and controlled bashing of moolah from your pocket. And this has been somewhat boring because I plan to conquer the country. But its gone......for now. hahaha. Come October, Ria will be on track again.

...Good thing we already went to Davao or this will be my most boring summer of all.

And the funny part, its turning May in a few days. Another supposedly long vacation that is now gone kaput.


Anyhoo, Hon and I went to the Transport show last Thursday. My favorite was the David and Goliath-sponsored car. You know how I'm into super cute things. hehe. :P

David and Goliath Car is so so cool! :P

And since I'm handling loans at RCBC Savings Bank- Marketing Division now, I get to be an event planner. I'm currently into the Sales Event which makes the dealers strut their cars and for members to co-sign with the bank for an Auto Loan. And I am destined to Cavite, alternately this week and last week, but not tomorrow, because I will be having the Orientation instead. hahaha. One week and no orientation yet. Wonder how I lived. :P

So far, I just saw the Montero and Strada, Mitsubishi Cars. (just like Mitzi!). And everyone just love it. I hope they could like close a deal or something. And for all its worth, even though I was bored to death after I finish my set-up, I am now friends with Security Guards. hahaha. And I'll see them again on Wednesday. Good luck with that. Miss Cherry said, "Ayaw mo nun, SECURED ka." hahaha.

Posing on a RED Strada. Rawr!

Sometimes, I feel scared because an armored car just shows up in a branch. And they're so scary. You know how teledrama-bank scenes are. I just don't wanna be caught up in one. LOL.


So after obsessing with cars, I have returned to the real deal, my CCD friends!

An afternoon with Lex, Sir Melan, Red, MST, Grace, Miss Ivy, Cherns and Jon at Loreland Resort in Antipolo, with the Marketing peeps. :)

Although it has only been one week, I couldn't help but talk about them, mostly to my new office mates. I know, I couldn't keep the company forever, but I never abandon friends. And I still treasure them. I promise, that when I have more moolahs to spend, I am definitely taking a trip with them. *Ahem* Asan na ba yung Sorsogon trip na pinromise nung isang Attoney na jan *Ahem* :P

I was supposed to go the the BDJ Rendezvous in the afternoon, but since it is held in Shang, and Antipolo is like, far with the traffics and all, I had to choose between the two. And I'm happy I stayed with them. There's always a next time for freebies and cocktails. Friends first ayt?


So there, a week's recap. Hope I could blog again this week and I'll be not-so-hectic again. Or I wish there could be a wi-fi spot in our branches so I could use Tuck instead for blogging. hehehehe.

Gotta go now, work again tomorrow. Have a happy new week! :D

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Day Jitters..

Remember that first day when your Mom send you off to school and you refuse to let go of her hand because you will be meeting new god-knows-what people? That's what I felt earlier.

After two jobs (and an OJT to add), I found myself hesitant about my future in RCBC Savings. Some people say that I'm lucky to be hired there, but in as much as I wanted to look confident, I had butterflies fluttering inside my stomach. I walked into the pathway and couldnt see the same bubbly faces again. They were serious looking, but nice. Still, they look serious. Its as if they wanna pound that new kid because its easy to bully her. hahaha. :P

So anyway, my boss isnt there. She had an official business at Cavite so I'm left with Miss Donna and Miss Rose. Miss Donna was nice din. So there, new people is okay din pala. I had tasks already, though I needed to wait for Miss Tessa's final instructions. And I am so willing to learn. :)


In the afternoon, I was surprised with this...

I soo love my friends. Thanks to Miss Cherry for the super duper effort. I wouldnt be feeling at home if it werent for you. Seriously. And even though Im at RCBC na, I know we would still be super friends. I would hold on to that promise. :) And to CCD friends, also to Miss Ivy, Jen and Noreen. Super salamat sa shoes! I lurve!

Day Two tomorrow. And Hon and I's 35th monthsary. One month to go and were raring to our THIRD YEAR. Yay! Love you so so much. <3

Signing off now.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Wanna Go Na!

Seriously, I wanna work at the new company already. Its not that I want to leave friends behind, but I need to motivate myself for something new. I'm so bored watching the clock everyday and doing countdowns for my last day. Plus the fact that I needed to leave the bad vibes behind.

I HAVE NEVER FELT SO BURNOUT. Not ever. Until now.

I'm living a new life. I will have new friends and will meet new people who would let me thrive.

And Im sooo thankful that I dont need to be pretentious anymore, not to the people I am not fond of.

No more ugly stares. No more "he says, she says".

6 days and it'll be over Ria. Keep that in mind. The only catch is there will be no multiply or ym's in the office anymore. But if that would help me lead my new life, then better. :P

And everything will change in a snap, they'll never know what hit them. hahaha


Yesterday, Mom's friends, including their families, went to Punta Fuego in Batangas. It was my first time there, considering I have already heard too much stories on how beautiful the place is. True enough, the surrounding itself makes you

Well, if you have a house that costs lesser than 20 million. :O

The beach on the other hand, is almost paradise. SO nice, and so private. Too bad it rained when we went swimming, pero sandali lang. We still pushed having fun. And so many sumptuous foods. hehehe.


Sir Melan passed the Bar Exams. Yaaaay!

I cant wait to see Sorsogon. And I have to tell Sir Melan that I need to see the whale sharks. hahaha.


I have to go for now. Im still sleepy. :(

Night guys, wish you all have a meaningful Holy Week!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yun Lang

Wag mo antayin mapagod ako sayo.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tiring, but worth it. :P

Yesterday, I joined our company's event at Supreme Court to cover the vaccination of the employees as part of our PR. But when my job is finally over, Wheng and I decided to help in the registration.
That's me with the DLSMC group. hehehe
Anyhoo, it IS my last assignment. WIth barely a week here, it feels so sad to be given my last chance to prove myself to the company that Ive learned for the past two years. That they once had a good Communications Assistant. That they would miss me when I'm gone. hahaha.
After the event, our Ninang Winnie (I and Hon's Godmother) invited our parents (shempre with us!) to meet at Serendra for dinner. Then ended up going to Gerry's Grill Market Market because she's craving for Pinoy foods. She also brought her daughters, Bianca and Gabby, who were towering over me, considering that they're just seventeen or so years old.
The night was so fun because it has been eons ago since we've last seen her after migrating in the US. And the last time Ive remembered her? Her wedding, where Hon and I were the flower girl and ringbearers. Time flies super fast. And now he's asking permission on whether she could also be our godmother when we decided to marry each other. hehehe.
Its April Fools today! Ive fooled Miss Cherry and she suddenly thought that I couldn't go to RCBC if that joke is true. But of course it isn't.
Me: Miss Che, Ninang ka ha.
Miss Che: Nino?
Miss Che: Stares --blankly--
Me: April Fools! hahaha.
Oh, I forgot, its my friend, Tatin's, birthday today! I miss you girl! :D
The birthday girl is the fourth from left, upper side. And yeah, we miss you na. :D
Okay, this is a pretty boring blog. :P Will go to Seaside later for dinner with Ninang Winnie and parents again. My jog is becoming so worthless. hahaha. And I have so much to do pa. Bahala na. hahaha.
Bye for now peeps. Love y'all. :D


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