Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember that first day when your Mom send you off to school and you refuse to let go of her hand because you will be meeting new god-knows-what people? That's what I felt earlier.

After two jobs (and an OJT to add), I found myself hesitant about my future in RCBC Savings. Some people say that I'm lucky to be hired there, but in as much as I wanted to look confident, I had butterflies fluttering inside my stomach. I walked into the pathway and couldnt see the same bubbly faces again. They were serious looking, but nice. Still, they look serious. Its as if they wanna pound that new kid because its easy to bully her. hahaha. :P

So anyway, my boss isnt there. She had an official business at Cavite so I'm left with Miss Donna and Miss Rose. Miss Donna was nice din. So there, new people is okay din pala. I had tasks already, though I needed to wait for Miss Tessa's final instructions. And I am so willing to learn. :)


In the afternoon, I was surprised with this...

I soo love my friends. Thanks to Miss Cherry for the super duper effort. I wouldnt be feeling at home if it werent for you. Seriously. And even though Im at RCBC na, I know we would still be super friends. I would hold on to that promise. :) And to CCD friends, also to Miss Ivy, Jen and Noreen. Super salamat sa shoes! I lurve!

Day Two tomorrow. And Hon and I's 35th monthsary. One month to go and were raring to our THIRD YEAR. Yay! Love you so so much. <3

Signing off now.

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