Sunday, April 26, 2009

Note to self:

Never ever look for a new job during summertime. It causes anxiety and depression. Like when you see your friends circling the Philippines visiting exotic places while you're stuck in your cubicle and figuring out what your boss wants you to do.

Seriously, I'm in deep envy. Not in the 7-Capital sins kind of way, but transferring jobs mean that you have to invest your whole self (emotionally, physically and financially) to your new company. Meaning nada leaves for the summer, limited vacay destinations and controlled bashing of moolah from your pocket. And this has been somewhat boring because I plan to conquer the country. But its gone......for now. hahaha. Come October, Ria will be on track again.

...Good thing we already went to Davao or this will be my most boring summer of all.

And the funny part, its turning May in a few days. Another supposedly long vacation that is now gone kaput.


Anyhoo, Hon and I went to the Transport show last Thursday. My favorite was the David and Goliath-sponsored car. You know how I'm into super cute things. hehe. :P

David and Goliath Car is so so cool! :P

And since I'm handling loans at RCBC Savings Bank- Marketing Division now, I get to be an event planner. I'm currently into the Sales Event which makes the dealers strut their cars and for members to co-sign with the bank for an Auto Loan. And I am destined to Cavite, alternately this week and last week, but not tomorrow, because I will be having the Orientation instead. hahaha. One week and no orientation yet. Wonder how I lived. :P

So far, I just saw the Montero and Strada, Mitsubishi Cars. (just like Mitzi!). And everyone just love it. I hope they could like close a deal or something. And for all its worth, even though I was bored to death after I finish my set-up, I am now friends with Security Guards. hahaha. And I'll see them again on Wednesday. Good luck with that. Miss Cherry said, "Ayaw mo nun, SECURED ka." hahaha.

Posing on a RED Strada. Rawr!

Sometimes, I feel scared because an armored car just shows up in a branch. And they're so scary. You know how teledrama-bank scenes are. I just don't wanna be caught up in one. LOL.


So after obsessing with cars, I have returned to the real deal, my CCD friends!

An afternoon with Lex, Sir Melan, Red, MST, Grace, Miss Ivy, Cherns and Jon at Loreland Resort in Antipolo, with the Marketing peeps. :)

Although it has only been one week, I couldn't help but talk about them, mostly to my new office mates. I know, I couldn't keep the company forever, but I never abandon friends. And I still treasure them. I promise, that when I have more moolahs to spend, I am definitely taking a trip with them. *Ahem* Asan na ba yung Sorsogon trip na pinromise nung isang Attoney na jan *Ahem* :P

I was supposed to go the the BDJ Rendezvous in the afternoon, but since it is held in Shang, and Antipolo is like, far with the traffics and all, I had to choose between the two. And I'm happy I stayed with them. There's always a next time for freebies and cocktails. Friends first ayt?


So there, a week's recap. Hope I could blog again this week and I'll be not-so-hectic again. Or I wish there could be a wi-fi spot in our branches so I could use Tuck instead for blogging. hehehehe.

Gotta go now, work again tomorrow. Have a happy new week! :D

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