Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Seriously, I wanna work at the new company already. Its not that I want to leave friends behind, but I need to motivate myself for something new. I'm so bored watching the clock everyday and doing countdowns for my last day. Plus the fact that I needed to leave the bad vibes behind.

I HAVE NEVER FELT SO BURNOUT. Not ever. Until now.

I'm living a new life. I will have new friends and will meet new people who would let me thrive.

And Im sooo thankful that I dont need to be pretentious anymore, not to the people I am not fond of.

No more ugly stares. No more "he says, she says".

6 days and it'll be over Ria. Keep that in mind. The only catch is there will be no multiply or ym's in the office anymore. But if that would help me lead my new life, then better. :P

And everything will change in a snap, they'll never know what hit them. hahaha


Yesterday, Mom's friends, including their families, went to Punta Fuego in Batangas. It was my first time there, considering I have already heard too much stories on how beautiful the place is. True enough, the surrounding itself makes you feel....rich.

Well, if you have a house that costs lesser than 20 million. :O

The beach on the other hand, is almost paradise. SO nice, and so private. Too bad it rained when we went swimming, pero sandali lang. We still pushed having fun. And so many sumptuous foods. hehehe.


Sir Melan passed the Bar Exams. Yaaaay!

I cant wait to see Sorsogon. And I have to tell Sir Melan that I need to see the whale sharks. hahaha.


I have to go for now. Im still sleepy. :(

Night guys, wish you all have a meaningful Holy Week!

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