Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yesterday, I joined our company's event at Supreme Court to cover the vaccination of the employees as part of our PR. But when my job is finally over, Wheng and I decided to help in the registration.
That's me with the DLSMC group. hehehe
Anyhoo, it IS my last assignment. WIth barely a week here, it feels so sad to be given my last chance to prove myself to the company that Ive learned for the past two years. That they once had a good Communications Assistant. That they would miss me when I'm gone. hahaha.
After the event, our Ninang Winnie (I and Hon's Godmother) invited our parents (shempre with us!) to meet at Serendra for dinner. Then ended up going to Gerry's Grill Market Market because she's craving for Pinoy foods. She also brought her daughters, Bianca and Gabby, who were towering over me, considering that they're just seventeen or so years old.
The night was so fun because it has been eons ago since we've last seen her after migrating in the US. And the last time Ive remembered her? Her wedding, where Hon and I were the flower girl and ringbearers. Time flies super fast. And now he's asking permission on whether she could also be our godmother when we decided to marry each other. hehehe.
Its April Fools today! Ive fooled Miss Cherry and she suddenly thought that I couldn't go to RCBC if that joke is true. But of course it isn't.
Me: Miss Che, Ninang ka ha.
Miss Che: Nino?
Miss Che: Stares --blankly--
Me: April Fools! hahaha.
Oh, I forgot, its my friend, Tatin's, birthday today! I miss you girl! :D
The birthday girl is the fourth from left, upper side. And yeah, we miss you na. :D
Okay, this is a pretty boring blog. :P Will go to Seaside later for dinner with Ninang Winnie and parents again. My jog is becoming so worthless. hahaha. And I have so much to do pa. Bahala na. hahaha.
Bye for now peeps. Love y'all. :D

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