Monday, March 30, 2009

Time flies so fast. One more day nalang, April na. But I haven't started my real summer vacation yet. I have to suffer not spending money yet so I wouldnt have to burden everyone on my remaining 15 days and my 15 days start at my new job. I also need all that part time I could get. Believe me, its not that easy.

Last Saturday, we went to Olongapo to attend the birthday-slash-baptism of Dad's Godmother's grandchild. a.k.a. ex's sister. Enough of hullabaloos, I did not get to talk to him because I hid inside his tita's house. Nor did I asked for his new number or something. I guess he already figured that our chapter was long over and if he wants to tease me on whether I got chubby already, I wouldnt as so much be affected. But anyway, I'm still glad that he didnt probe on my life any longer. hahahaha.

Sadly, no matter how hot it is, we didnt go to the beach. Sayang. :P


My March have been boring. Had lots of fights with Hon, had too much drama with friends, and my transfer is dawning into me. That I have to leave my friends in a few days time. Its like a timebomb is set inside my body and every second clicks its way for me to zoom to my new work. I am dead scared of my future and whether I could make it, but slowly, I will try to cope. I know I always do. :)

I also am plurking now! Do add me since Im not able to post long blogs as of the moment. And also at Twitter! :P


Outing on Sunday. I will definitely miss CCD. Sobra.

Gotta go now. Cant post more updates anymore. And no, I am not getting married yet. So far, I have like answered almost ten questions when it'll be my turn or if I would wanna get married already. Not yet. I still have too many issues to resolve before plunging into that.

...But if you would wanna ask if I wanna get married now, I would do that in a heartbeat. Especially when I know that if this goes on longer, the mushiness will be gone and maybe we'll go lonelier. I dunno. I would just believe in the stars.

Ciao for now! Smoochies everyone! :D

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