Sunday, January 28, 2007

KTVs, mom-to-be and all that greenhills stuff

This is by far one of the fun days of my life..

Last night, we went to Nina's Party at their KTV at Ermita. It was fun because I get to see Brent and Jam, Jenny, Corrs, Ericka and of course, Baby Avi. :D So there of course, we all rocked the machine and pretty worked ourselves up.haha. But I just, missed them. I mean if I could just see them all, that would be so great.

So anyway I had this invitation from Hon to go to Greenhills. And take note that his mom and his mom's friend, tita vhee, is gonna be there too. Usually, it would be really awkward and all because its your boyfriend's mom and all that, but I didnt hesitated because I so want to be with her (please note to Pat that I wasn't making sipsip at all, just that I don't know, Ninang Agnes has always been there my entire life and I was kinda used to seeing her) So anyway, after waiting for two hours for them to arrive, (hohum) we strolled around Greenhills and all. And I have been scouring for my new dream phone. Actually, I have two new dream phones now. Its either nokia 5300 or Sony Ericsson z610 PINK. I just hope that it'll get lower the time we save up for it.

But enough of my fone-smacking, I really had a great time with them. As Ive said earlier, things couldve been really awkward but I'm glad that her mom approves of our relationship. Just that Ive been long waiting for something like this. And Im really thankful that I finally got it.
Have loads to do. I just wish I could get over the fact that I have to finish them all. Ciao!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have you? Have you?

Have you ever seen a pizza this big?

The actual size is bigger. Plus there are like 30plus slices and whole lot of toppings. Apparently, Hon and I tried emptying the box, but to no avail, we had to take some out for our families. And thus, that concluded the JUGNO's Adventure of large-riffic and abominable pizza of some sort. That I left our place with an aching tummy but with a delightful tongue.hehehe BTW, this is their special. :D

Had our 8th month celebration last Sunday. teehee..

I left this post unedited and discontinued. But anyway, Im still craving for the pizza. muah!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Preparing to be Whole Again

"I'll have you whatever state you're in"

And that was the answer to my confusion wherein everything made sense and felt sorry for being stupid. I really cried because I was attuned to my insecurity that I didn't think about how he might have felt. I led to believe the past rather than the present. I doubted his feelings towards me and thought that the past is stronger than our present.

..All because I was once like him. He was my past, and although how many times I told myself that it was over and I should move on, he would always have a special place in my heart. And I felt incomplete even though I entered new relationships because I would still hope that somewhere inside him, he might be feeling the same way, and loving me the way I did.

Thank God it all led to.. "love mo lang talaga ko". He understood and were okay. The End. And a beginning of a yet more wonderful things.

If I could only understand myself at that time, it would only mean one thing: INSECURITY. I wasn't insecure because she has a feature of such or was she living a nice life. I was provoked to hate her because I relentlessly giving myself reasons how he loved her so much. That I wasn't thinking ahead that past relationships could also be forgotten.

But despite all this, how could past relationships be really forgotten?

Maybe I was shallow to think that relationships can be jilted by another relationship. Or because I always think that if there would be willing to be someone new, or love someone, old ones might be covered. But I'm not saying that I didn't love the other people I've had relationships with, its just that somewhere, you know you always have this place in your heart where that particular and special person lies. That no matter how hard you forget, memories will keep coming to you, whether it is a particular tree you used to hang out to, or a place you used to visit. That how much one could jiggle it out of your system, and even though you know it wouldn't be possible anymore, you just remember.

But the good thing about it, is that one day, when you find that someone who loves you, more than you could ever love yourself, a new hope for possible beginnings and could even discover that you could do so much better because maybe, this time, it is real. Maybe this one is bound for you. And maybe, this one is for keeps and what was worth waiting for.

I love you so much Hon and I'm really sorry. And thanks for taking me in whatever state I'm in.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I can't get it when some people have to be so shallow.. But the worse part is, I think I'm becoming one of them too..

Drama, drama, drama.. Just that my life's so full of it. *rolls eyes* But really, it always come to an end where I have to be the bad guy and some people seems to be innocent about it. I hate it when everything falls to hurting someone, and hurting myself while the other people get away with it. And being happy with it. Sometimes, I think its best to shut up your mouth, but your conscience really bothers you, and lest, you fail to scream it on top of your lungs because judgements will eventually be granted to you. U-N-F-A-I-R? Right.

Back to being not bitter, I miss my friends already. It's been months since we last saw each other. Just that after grad, everyone's been so busy, uh, including dear old moi. To top it all, old friendships seem to never rekindle again. Sad. Actually, it's been gloomy.

Some people are afraid to say when things seem to fall apart. And I think I belong to them. There are just too many issues that you know you can't talk about. You know you're hurt but you shrug the feeling because you cannot give an explanation to a thing you yourself could not even explain. You are afraid that things will never go back to where it used to be once you let yourself out.

And the irony behind it, is that you could never really know what struck you until its gone.

Choosing to leave it all to yourself kills you slowly and a part of you called sanity burns it all to ashes.

Bahuhey, I'm feeling the dumps, and they might not even know it. Maybe tomorrow it'll be okay. Maybe once I get into his arms again.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Aside from loving different kinds of movies, anticipating fireworks and never-ending sights and sound, I must say Pat and I have almost everything in common. And this Saturday, we had the most unusual hobby we thought was cool, and happily discovered such.

After going to Quiapo to scour DVDs once again, which by the way, caused him loads, I finally had my PRINCESS HOURS series, HIS and HER CIRCUMSTANCES series, and whole lotsa movies, we decided to go to Mall of Asia to maybe catch the last day of the Pyrolympics. Well, sadly, we didn't go further to the Pyro Show because MOA was packed already. Then after a few walks within the building, we saw this tiny store where kids and mommies seem to be busy with...and now, let me introduce you to CLAY ART

Out of curiosity and maybe a few frustrarions of not going to Color me Mine ever, we went to that store named JNBM Clay Art and just got hold of this pattern and started the art. Well, I with a Powerpuff Girl Pattern, and him with the Superman.

Okay, I am not doing PR with this shop, but really, it is a great way to reduce stress. Although you might get too attached with it, it would really be fun to try one. I was really hooked by this fad, and Pat was nearly finished.

I've been finishing my Sex and the City Series for a few weeks now and well, I'm really enjoying it that much. I don't know, I've been watching the series for a long time, but I haven't been like this continuous or something. And Im pretty much learning from it. I don't write like Carrie Bradshaw, but it made me feel good that even though people are living at different countries, and have different cultures, some inner things with us are the same, racial or not.

Well, have to go for now. I have loads to do. I just feel pretty happy and light today. I so love my life, and the people that revolves in it. But really, the people who always assure you that everything is alright and this is a semi-perfect world, makes it worth going and going and making it to the fullest.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

As Carrie Bradshaw said, we forgive, but do we actually forget?

When I resigned from my first job, I thought I was the one who was having problems with my boss. Wait, let me clarify that I'm not badmouthing him, but I'm trying to explain the real cause of why I left the office.
You see, my previous boss would make me do weird things, (asking to inquire of putting up a billboard when everyone says that could just damage the company, asking me to bring stuffs to this office when we have messengers around the place, making us stay til 7pm when the official time is at six then gets mad when you arrive to work late, and the list goes on) and I could not merely understand my responsibilities and such. Okay, I've never spilled this before because I thought I was useless and superficial so I packed my things and left the company as soon as I had a replacement.
Just this yesterday, this former colleague from that company told me that she handed her resignation to him. Due to the fact that she wasn't happy anymore and she couldnt perform her preferred duty anymore, she decided to quit for good. With her final decision at hand, I was proud of her.
Again, a clarification, I am not pushing her to hate the boss or the work or the company. I was just saying that I resolved what was long bugging me. And I am so relieved that I am not exactly the person whose wrong there or something. All the while, I've been thinking that I should've done better or they should've brought out the best that I could do. But seeing what happened now, I finally had the conclusion that he was my problem and now I could be more confident and all that jazz. Case closed

But speaking of jobs, I am actually celebrating my FOURTH MONTH at Fortune CARE.. Yay!

Three bombings happened yesterday, two in Cotabato and one in GenSan, is already terrifying, considering that the ASEAN Summit is to be held in this country. Just let us hope it'll be over already or other countries may think were inclined to these incidents or something. And hopefully, Cebu will be peaceful when the Summit starts or Philippines could be calm all the time (though that is a wish..)

I am trying to save up for something (hey, I don't know, a dream house or a car), but I would definitely and positively try to save up this early for my future extravagances. I just wanted my future kids to be proud that their mommy tried to raise them or something. I just remembered when I showed Pat on our house last New Year and was asked by my tita if I would be married soon already. Its weird that my family puts me in this awkward position when they know that it really isn't that possible at this time. Its not that I don't want them to be into my plans, but my future is kinda plotted for already. Just like my debut, who went somewhat great, and my future wedding, would be extra-special toppings included-beautiful.

Whaddya know? I'm already planning on the cake.hehe

But seriously, we may have plans for the future already, but they are merely imaginable but undauntingly not gonna happen sooner. Though I'm really nervous because when I see house and lots that are being sold at the net or newspaper, they really cost a fortune. Imagine how much they'll cost five to seven years from now.

Last day of the Pyrolympics Display on Saturday. Though I couldn't really judge them due to my non-existence at the time of the other displays, I'd just enjoy the view. Anyway, any color, form and exhibit of fireworks could easily catch my attention. (^__^)

Have to go. Been freezing for hours. buhbye!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

shining shimmering splendid

People I know long for roses and a diamond ring, but he gave me the sky-rhclumandog

My perfect moment is defined with fireworks and someone who will hold your hand while gazing at them. And truly, though a vast of people were enjoying them with me, I feel as if we were the only ones who are actually there. Its just that when you see them glaring at the sky, the time suddenly freezes and every bit of your feelings suddenly flashes in front of you. Well, I don't know about other people, but this seems magical and true.


I guess Ive been talking about the PyroLympics last Saturday at the Mall of Asia. After meeting my friends to watch movie and just stroll around SM North, Hon decided to join us too then afterwards go to MOA to see if we could get to see the Pyrotechnique Show. Luckily, the Esplanade isn't much of a crowd that time, so after two hours, we are set, with camera phones ready, to watch the seemingly cloudy but a bit clear sky, waiting for fireworks to just pop on them. And fairly, it was a great great sight. :D

Too bad that there are full of people at MOA so we decided to watch the presentation of USA alone. It's getting late already so I we haven't seen the Spain's turn. Aww, I know, for twenty minutes, I got smitten already. Its just that Ive been meaning to see them all month and I finally got the chance to enjoy things with someone. Next stop, Lovapalooza...well, if he wants to go with me or something.. nyarks.hehe


And anyway, Ive been meaning to see this one. No definite sked at IMax yet. But the reservation is definitely in the works. I just hope I could watch it before anyone especially my friends does. haha. Kidding.

But really, I've been waiting too long, I even re-read the book just so I could be able to get the movie again. I know, I'm a bit freakish, but its cool.. XD

And while were at visuals, I have been doing marathons of my Sex and the City DVDs. Quiapo is soo lurve.. Next stop on payday to get myself Korean series- Princess Hours. Since I have nada time to watch the series due to this other new Filipino series that copied If Only, I wouldn't be able to enjoy watching it anymore at eleven pm, feeling drowsy and down already. So I am promising to devote all my free time and my not-so-free but im-okay-to-sleep-late weekends. (especially if my brother entwines to stay with me in this addiction.hehe)

Gotta go. Muah!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Up Above the Sky

Work week once again, and though I am completely rested over the holidays, I still have this difficulty of waking up, or waking up but ending up sleeping during my ride to the office and going to work. And then they all boil down to gaining weight and feel bloated all over.

But getting to the good part, I haven't been late anymore, well at least for the past week, but it is definitely in the work. Hope no memos for me anymore. =)

I'm wishing for a new project this season. I like our graphic artist but then, he would sometimes cause delays. I just hope the web would be finalized because a lot of people are actually ecstatic of the output and we couldn't really let them down.

I'm so excited for next Saturday, because I solemnly swear that I would witness the 2nd Pyrolympics at its last day.

Know what's the story behind going there? Well, I was hoping to see the fireworks display at Makati, but since we were kinda hurrying to get home, all we managed is to fight and stroll around Glorietta, not noticing the time and all. So to make up for my LOST hope, he promised that we would watch the Pyrolympics. (^___^)

Its just that I've always believed that fireworks is always the sign that Hon and I are meant to be together. The first night we saw each other for a long time, we witness this vast sky with a display of fireworks that took my breath away. I know this sounds so cheesy, but I'm proud of my cheesiness. :D And in a few days, were nearing our eighth months. Seems like yesterday when we watched The Da Vinci Code, and now, were still together and getting lovelier each day..

I'm meeting my childhood friends tomorrow. I'm so excited. :D Just that we've been playing with each other before, but now, they are both nearly graduating and I am now working. Time really flies so fast.

Have to go meet Hon Hon. Ciao!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

at twentyohseven


The holidays went by so perfectly. I must say that it has never been so complete before. Now that I am contented, having my family and friends, and especially my Hon, who was by the way, perfect during the seemingly never ending holiday frenzies, and managed to be cool about everything. I am so lucky to have him. (^__^)

Enough of the cheesiness and all, so this twenty-oh-seven, I would be proposing resolutions, and hopefully be able to grant them all:

(Read: please pray for me) because I am really meaning to keep it this time.
* Save up (real hard!)
* Lose weight (now this is a toughie, considering I want my old figure back)
* Try to be more mature
* Understand and not try to kill Hon with my hasty decisions and all.
* Trade magazines for real books.. but I know its really impossible to cut on Cosmos. harhar.
* Get up early and try not to be late anymore.
* Live life to the fullest
* Hang out with friends once in a while.
* Be more patient with the relationship
* Love oneself

I actually could name more resolutions but World Peace is really a step-by-step thing so I couldn't possibly do that. teehee.. But hopefully, this could be a great year just like 2006.

I love our new Magic Sing. I could marry it if I haven't met Hon yet. harhar. It's just that we are a perfect combination, I, a microphone and music whore, and it, an instrument that I could vaguely abuse. 8) So in conclusion, we are both happy and together during holidays. And I dont have to change discs once in a while, just by pushing a button, I am all set for a wild ride.

And speaking of gadgets, I am hoping to buy a new digicam at least by the mid-month or so. I just don't know if I could but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Have to go na. buzzin' off.


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