Saturday, January 06, 2007

Work week once again, and though I am completely rested over the holidays, I still have this difficulty of waking up, or waking up but ending up sleeping during my ride to the office and going to work. And then they all boil down to gaining weight and feel bloated all over.

But getting to the good part, I haven't been late anymore, well at least for the past week, but it is definitely in the work. Hope no memos for me anymore. =)

I'm wishing for a new project this season. I like our graphic artist but then, he would sometimes cause delays. I just hope the web would be finalized because a lot of people are actually ecstatic of the output and we couldn't really let them down.

I'm so excited for next Saturday, because I solemnly swear that I would witness the 2nd Pyrolympics at its last day.

Know what's the story behind going there? Well, I was hoping to see the fireworks display at Makati, but since we were kinda hurrying to get home, all we managed is to fight and stroll around Glorietta, not noticing the time and all. So to make up for my LOST hope, he promised that we would watch the Pyrolympics. (^___^)

Its just that I've always believed that fireworks is always the sign that Hon and I are meant to be together. The first night we saw each other for a long time, we witness this vast sky with a display of fireworks that took my breath away. I know this sounds so cheesy, but I'm proud of my cheesiness. :D And in a few days, were nearing our eighth months. Seems like yesterday when we watched The Da Vinci Code, and now, were still together and getting lovelier each day..

I'm meeting my childhood friends tomorrow. I'm so excited. :D Just that we've been playing with each other before, but now, they are both nearly graduating and I am now working. Time really flies so fast.

Have to go meet Hon Hon. Ciao!

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