Wednesday, January 10, 2007

People I know long for roses and a diamond ring, but he gave me the sky-rhclumandog

My perfect moment is defined with fireworks and someone who will hold your hand while gazing at them. And truly, though a vast of people were enjoying them with me, I feel as if we were the only ones who are actually there. Its just that when you see them glaring at the sky, the time suddenly freezes and every bit of your feelings suddenly flashes in front of you. Well, I don't know about other people, but this seems magical and true.


I guess Ive been talking about the PyroLympics last Saturday at the Mall of Asia. After meeting my friends to watch movie and just stroll around SM North, Hon decided to join us too then afterwards go to MOA to see if we could get to see the Pyrotechnique Show. Luckily, the Esplanade isn't much of a crowd that time, so after two hours, we are set, with camera phones ready, to watch the seemingly cloudy but a bit clear sky, waiting for fireworks to just pop on them. And fairly, it was a great great sight. :D

Too bad that there are full of people at MOA so we decided to watch the presentation of USA alone. It's getting late already so I we haven't seen the Spain's turn. Aww, I know, for twenty minutes, I got smitten already. Its just that Ive been meaning to see them all month and I finally got the chance to enjoy things with someone. Next stop, Lovapalooza...well, if he wants to go with me or something.. nyarks.hehe


And anyway, Ive been meaning to see this one. No definite sked at IMax yet. But the reservation is definitely in the works. I just hope I could watch it before anyone especially my friends does. haha. Kidding.

But really, I've been waiting too long, I even re-read the book just so I could be able to get the movie again. I know, I'm a bit freakish, but its cool.. XD

And while were at visuals, I have been doing marathons of my Sex and the City DVDs. Quiapo is soo lurve.. Next stop on payday to get myself Korean series- Princess Hours. Since I have nada time to watch the series due to this other new Filipino series that copied If Only, I wouldn't be able to enjoy watching it anymore at eleven pm, feeling drowsy and down already. So I am promising to devote all my free time and my not-so-free but im-okay-to-sleep-late weekends. (especially if my brother entwines to stay with me in this addiction.hehe)

Gotta go. Muah!

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