Thursday, January 11, 2007

When I resigned from my first job, I thought I was the one who was having problems with my boss. Wait, let me clarify that I'm not badmouthing him, but I'm trying to explain the real cause of why I left the office.
You see, my previous boss would make me do weird things, (asking to inquire of putting up a billboard when everyone says that could just damage the company, asking me to bring stuffs to this office when we have messengers around the place, making us stay til 7pm when the official time is at six then gets mad when you arrive to work late, and the list goes on) and I could not merely understand my responsibilities and such. Okay, I've never spilled this before because I thought I was useless and superficial so I packed my things and left the company as soon as I had a replacement.
Just this yesterday, this former colleague from that company told me that she handed her resignation to him. Due to the fact that she wasn't happy anymore and she couldnt perform her preferred duty anymore, she decided to quit for good. With her final decision at hand, I was proud of her.
Again, a clarification, I am not pushing her to hate the boss or the work or the company. I was just saying that I resolved what was long bugging me. And I am so relieved that I am not exactly the person whose wrong there or something. All the while, I've been thinking that I should've done better or they should've brought out the best that I could do. But seeing what happened now, I finally had the conclusion that he was my problem and now I could be more confident and all that jazz. Case closed

But speaking of jobs, I am actually celebrating my FOURTH MONTH at Fortune CARE.. Yay!

Three bombings happened yesterday, two in Cotabato and one in GenSan, is already terrifying, considering that the ASEAN Summit is to be held in this country. Just let us hope it'll be over already or other countries may think were inclined to these incidents or something. And hopefully, Cebu will be peaceful when the Summit starts or Philippines could be calm all the time (though that is a wish..)

I am trying to save up for something (hey, I don't know, a dream house or a car), but I would definitely and positively try to save up this early for my future extravagances. I just wanted my future kids to be proud that their mommy tried to raise them or something. I just remembered when I showed Pat on our house last New Year and was asked by my tita if I would be married soon already. Its weird that my family puts me in this awkward position when they know that it really isn't that possible at this time. Its not that I don't want them to be into my plans, but my future is kinda plotted for already. Just like my debut, who went somewhat great, and my future wedding, would be extra-special toppings included-beautiful.

Whaddya know? I'm already planning on the cake.hehe

But seriously, we may have plans for the future already, but they are merely imaginable but undauntingly not gonna happen sooner. Though I'm really nervous because when I see house and lots that are being sold at the net or newspaper, they really cost a fortune. Imagine how much they'll cost five to seven years from now.

Last day of the Pyrolympics Display on Saturday. Though I couldn't really judge them due to my non-existence at the time of the other displays, I'd just enjoy the view. Anyway, any color, form and exhibit of fireworks could easily catch my attention. (^__^)

Have to go. Been freezing for hours. buhbye!

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