Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The holidays went by so perfectly. I must say that it has never been so complete before. Now that I am contented, having my family and friends, and especially my Hon, who was by the way, perfect during the seemingly never ending holiday frenzies, and managed to be cool about everything. I am so lucky to have him. (^__^)

Enough of the cheesiness and all, so this twenty-oh-seven, I would be proposing resolutions, and hopefully be able to grant them all:

(Read: please pray for me) because I am really meaning to keep it this time.
* Save up (real hard!)
* Lose weight (now this is a toughie, considering I want my old figure back)
* Try to be more mature
* Understand and not try to kill Hon with my hasty decisions and all.
* Trade magazines for real books.. but I know its really impossible to cut on Cosmos. harhar.
* Get up early and try not to be late anymore.
* Live life to the fullest
* Hang out with friends once in a while.
* Be more patient with the relationship
* Love oneself

I actually could name more resolutions but World Peace is really a step-by-step thing so I couldn't possibly do that. teehee.. But hopefully, this could be a great year just like 2006.

I love our new Magic Sing. I could marry it if I haven't met Hon yet. harhar. It's just that we are a perfect combination, I, a microphone and music whore, and it, an instrument that I could vaguely abuse. 8) So in conclusion, we are both happy and together during holidays. And I dont have to change discs once in a while, just by pushing a button, I am all set for a wild ride.

And speaking of gadgets, I am hoping to buy a new digicam at least by the mid-month or so. I just don't know if I could but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Have to go na. buzzin' off.

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