Wednesday, November 30, 2005

mela's party blast!

last monday was totally a blast! Mela's party, though it looked like a reunion, was so great. Siguro dahil we didnt feel left out at all.

I was nervous though, kasi there were quite a number of jeepneys lang. Holiday kasi, natatakot pa nga ko kasi I thought her family's waiting for me na lang. Yun pala, hindi pa. I don't wanna be that late kasi, if you know what I mean.

Tapos, daming food and all. hehe.

But actually being there, Glorietta and all, doesnt really make me feel good. I dunno why. But I've seen a lot of potential hotties, but I'm not that serious of making myself look ridiculous though.

So anyway, I was active in class yesterday. I actually can't figure out why. Maybe the fact that I cried before class. I was so giddy and all.

Kudos to the PBB Staff. No, I dont personally know them, but the Lolos and lolas that they brought for the housemates to take care of. You see, we've been at the Golden Acres last year for our CWTS and taking care of them is really a great joy. Sacrifice is another lesson too. I missed the grandparents nga. Tinuturo ko pa nga sila kina mama na nakita ko na yun, etc.

Daming pending works na kailangan gawin. I'm just glad na maumpisahan na lahat yun. The sacrifices we have to do ara makagraduate!

Anyway, Im sorry but Im flooding this blog with picture's from mela's bday. Just browse..=)

Pretty galz


Pinoy ako!


Bday girl

happy bday to you!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

movie mania

I tried deleting SOME files in my computer last night. Lo and behold, it felt so good to finally have the time to do that. I've been meaning to do that for months but everytime I try to hold my lappie, I would seem to forget the things that I have to do. Well, I've been forgetting things lately. I just wish my brain wouldn't be eaten up by the thoughts blaring inside my head.

I miss my friend. I wish I could spend more time with her especially now. But I'm also spending most of my time with another friend. Blind Item ba ito? Alam niyo na naman kung sino kayo. Basta, na-mimiss kita kaso mas close na kayo ni *name witheld*. I'm not a jealous friend or anything. I just wish I could spend more time with you. =)

BTW, our Catholic Journalism prof asked us to watch "April Snow". Kamusta naman? Actually, I would rather watch "Just Like Heaven", which stars REESE WITHERSPOON, but I feel as if matatali ako sa April Snow na yan. But it's a Korean Movie, you know I'm so fond of them. And just like Prof. Mendoza said, "You guys have the skill to watch the visuals while reading the subtitles and have the capacity to understand the movie".

Yeah! And this goes to all the people who watched MY SASSY GIRL: TAGALIZED EDITION. Okay, Sassy Girl is one of the best Korean movies I've seen. Jeon Ji-Hyun's character is a no-nonsense woman. Though I haven't seen the "murdered" version, I still think it's a very very very BAD idea! Kasi sometimes, Pinoys try to format the movie in our own culture, WHICH IS WRONG! Koreanovelas are meant to be seen as their culture and not ours. Why am I saying this? Because I've seen a lot of asianovelas that were tagalized. I have original versions of Lovers in Paris and Meteor Garden. Kahit pa sabihin natin na tinagalog lang siya, there are lines, na parang inaassociate siya sa Pinoy culture. Eh hello? Iba kaya sila sa atin!

So if we really love them, let's just leave the koreanovelas alone, movies are different. Sana i-english nalang nila yung sa movie, mas bagay pa.
I'm crossing my fingers for my dad to be home by Christmas. I've been realizing that it's much better for him to be here during the holidays. At least hindi masyadong malungkot, tapos pag nandito sya, kahit anong gusto mo, bili agad. Unlike my mom, na maghihintay ka pa ng 400 years, abot-abot na sermon bago mabili yung gusto mo. (but lately, in our case, mas madalas na si Lester yung hindi nabibilhan or something. Maarte kasi yung baliw kong kapatid!) Especially ngayon, malapit na yung Christmas, at excited na kami a PASKUHAN!

And everytime na dumadaan kami sa Lover's Lane, it always look good because of the X-mas lights na nasa trees. Shempre pabonggahan na naman, galit sa mga ilaw yung mga priests. kidding.


gtg! class.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

jonesing for harry!

Last Saturday, Mela and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was great! I must say the best Harry Potter film. I mean, yung visuals niya and everything. Unlike the third movie na parang minadali at kung anu-ano pinaggagagawa nila.

Hermione was so pretty at the ball.
Image hosted by

Harry naman looks matured na. Shempre, we cried at the last scene, the third test. Kakatawa kasi pati pala si Mela umiiyak na. Nung tinanong ko siya, "grabe naiyak ako dun ah" sabi nya, "ako din".

Cedric was divine.

Image hosted by

...I dont like Cho Chang. I mean, Katie Leung. She isn't pretty at all. Chubby pa. Blah.

I was disappointed kasi sa book sobrang ganda ng description nya tapos ganun lang pala sa movie! sana si Heart na lang (kidding!). Kahit anti-heart kami


Friday, November 18, 2005

pbb rules and harry potter

For some months now, I have been an avid viewer of the Pinoy Big Brother. To mention some qualities of being one, I forced my friends to see the PBB house during the studio tour at ABS-CBN last September, went to their SM San Lazaro Mall tour, staying up to watch the PBB Uplate, afternoon live broadcast at Studio 23 and the Primetime viewing of the said program.

Had my favorites and not-so-favorites..

And then this Franzen's eviction happened.

I wanna kill the guy so bad! Not because I hated him but because it's his only chance for his family to win the 5 million worth of prizes. I mean, he sacrificed long enough then throws it away with the number of mistakes that he just did. I really am disappointed and I wanted to skin him more.

so unbelievable!

By the way, I thought I missed an episode of the TAR 8 Family edition. I just can't get enough of that show too. Kasi yesterday, I woke up at 9, not knowing na Wednesday nga pala at Amazing Race na nga, so nung 11 na, sobrang nag-panic ako, but it's already late to know who got eliminated. So pagkadating namin from the grocery that night, I checked the monitor and replay pala. Siguro kaya 2-hour special last week.

And on Saturday, this Saturday, (^___^), we'll be watching this! YAY!

Image hosted by

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

am i right or am i right?

I've been having weird dreams these past few days and it involves Sam Milby.
I'm not kidding. I wish I were but this morning, when my mom's waking me up, I find it hard to get up and just told her, "Sorry Ma, nananaginip pa ko eh, tapos nandun si SAM!" Ibang level diba? Nababaliw na ko because of the past incidences.


We've already met all our professors. Some look nice, but I'm terrified at some. I actually liked Sir Al Dimalanta for reasons that, he likes to kid around, he practices PR, and he has a band. Ang cool kasi I've never known a professor who plays loud music. I've never heard them yet, but I just think it's cool!

Second favorite, Mam Sese. Ewan ko, but unlike Mam Verdeflor, she doesn't bore me to death. And she likes to watch PBB. Sabi pa niya, "8:30 papauwiin ko na kayo para maabutan nating lahat yung Big Brother!" and believe me, she really meant it. At kamusta naman ang pagsayaw niya sa Pinoy Ako diba?
Before I wrap things up, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I'm taking the chance, siguro naman after posting it to three blogs, you'd somehow stumble to one.

"I'm slightly affected of what you said last Sunday. I'm confused of your intentions of telling me that because even though we are friends, there's just some things that I don't really need to know. But not replying to you means I'm still unsure of what your feelings are. And I don't want to ruin everything especially now, if by chance, you are still weak and you need a friend. But I just can't be that friend right now, because everytime I come to your rescue, I always end up being hurt and confused.

And I think I'm not that vulnerable anymore, because if I still am, I would gladly open my arms to you and forget everything you did to me. But I can't do that anymore. And I don't wanna be like that anymore. I've suffered enough so I think it's just time I ignore you.

I know you're not really coming back because we've been through that a lot of times. And I've pondered that if you really liked me, or even love me, noon pa lang naging tayo na ulit. Hindi ako nagfi-feeling, I'm just forcing myself to be swayed again."

After all, I have this load in my hands.

And I'm logging off. 'Ciao!

Friday, November 11, 2005


Internet connection sucks right now. And please imagine that I'm in Excel for God's sake.

... Or maybe I'm just plain disappointed at the moment.

No, its not that time of the month, but since the semester started, I've been having doubts on my strengths in writing, or in my studies per se. Parang wala ng nangyayaring maganda or something. Kainis pa dun, lahat na lang sablay. Sablay sa kamuntikan maging DL, sablay sa schedule, pati sa lovelife, sablay pa din.

And I can't get enough of it and more. I just hope I wouldn't mess things up again. I just hate to get disappointed again.


I'm trying to track someone now. How I wish..

Monday, November 07, 2005


Maniniwala ba kayo pag sinabi ko na ako, Si Ria Hazel Casem Lumandog eh muntik na (and hoping, still) maging DL last sem?

yeah right, let's just forget it. nobody really cares about that now.

pero naka-2.25 ako kay Mam Rivera. Sey mo? If you know what I mean..

Before anything else, I want to warn the readers that I'm not that boy crazy. It just so happened that people have been nosy about my lovelife.

Went to Bubut's daughter's party last Saturday and it was definitely a blast. I loved going to birthdays but this one's different. You wanna know why? Because for the nth time, my best friend still wants to pair me up with guys. I mean, it's okay for her to set me up but I've been looking for it for so long that I'm getting tired of it.

But I'm happy that I'm appreciated or anything.

BTW, I called Wave last week for the truth and consequence question. I finally got in and then this question happened:

What is the only bird that can fly backwards?

duh? of course I didnt know that. HUMMINGBIRD. I'm gonna freaking kill all the hummingbirds that I see. But then again, they only have those in Russia. Trashed the Flightplan tickets. argh.

Wala na si SAM! Wala na siya. But it's okay considering all the guestings in the network, he'll be fine without the 5 million worth prizes.

LOST premieres tonight. Can't wait.

And lastly, during the sembreak, I finally realized that I've gotten over the past love. If I'd ever see him again, for example, nadulas sya sa kalye or nahulog sya sa bangin, I think I'll just look and leave then and there.

I finally realized that I've been pining for the wrong person. So wrong. That's why I finally decided to just wait for something or someone to make me feel right again.

tata. I missed my classmates. I so love being Journ.


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