Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I tried deleting SOME files in my computer last night. Lo and behold, it felt so good to finally have the time to do that. I've been meaning to do that for months but everytime I try to hold my lappie, I would seem to forget the things that I have to do. Well, I've been forgetting things lately. I just wish my brain wouldn't be eaten up by the thoughts blaring inside my head.

I miss my friend. I wish I could spend more time with her especially now. But I'm also spending most of my time with another friend. Blind Item ba ito? Alam niyo na naman kung sino kayo. Basta, na-mimiss kita kaso mas close na kayo ni *name witheld*. I'm not a jealous friend or anything. I just wish I could spend more time with you. =)

BTW, our Catholic Journalism prof asked us to watch "April Snow". Kamusta naman? Actually, I would rather watch "Just Like Heaven", which stars REESE WITHERSPOON, but I feel as if matatali ako sa April Snow na yan. But it's a Korean Movie, you know I'm so fond of them. And just like Prof. Mendoza said, "You guys have the skill to watch the visuals while reading the subtitles and have the capacity to understand the movie".

Yeah! And this goes to all the people who watched MY SASSY GIRL: TAGALIZED EDITION. Okay, Sassy Girl is one of the best Korean movies I've seen. Jeon Ji-Hyun's character is a no-nonsense woman. Though I haven't seen the "murdered" version, I still think it's a very very very BAD idea! Kasi sometimes, Pinoys try to format the movie in our own culture, WHICH IS WRONG! Koreanovelas are meant to be seen as their culture and not ours. Why am I saying this? Because I've seen a lot of asianovelas that were tagalized. I have original versions of Lovers in Paris and Meteor Garden. Kahit pa sabihin natin na tinagalog lang siya, there are lines, na parang inaassociate siya sa Pinoy culture. Eh hello? Iba kaya sila sa atin!

So if we really love them, let's just leave the koreanovelas alone, movies are different. Sana i-english nalang nila yung sa movie, mas bagay pa.
I'm crossing my fingers for my dad to be home by Christmas. I've been realizing that it's much better for him to be here during the holidays. At least hindi masyadong malungkot, tapos pag nandito sya, kahit anong gusto mo, bili agad. Unlike my mom, na maghihintay ka pa ng 400 years, abot-abot na sermon bago mabili yung gusto mo. (but lately, in our case, mas madalas na si Lester yung hindi nabibilhan or something. Maarte kasi yung baliw kong kapatid!) Especially ngayon, malapit na yung Christmas, at excited na kami a PASKUHAN!

And everytime na dumadaan kami sa Lover's Lane, it always look good because of the X-mas lights na nasa trees. Shempre pabonggahan na naman, galit sa mga ilaw yung mga priests. kidding.


gtg! class.

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