Wednesday, November 30, 2005

last monday was totally a blast! Mela's party, though it looked like a reunion, was so great. Siguro dahil we didnt feel left out at all.

I was nervous though, kasi there were quite a number of jeepneys lang. Holiday kasi, natatakot pa nga ko kasi I thought her family's waiting for me na lang. Yun pala, hindi pa. I don't wanna be that late kasi, if you know what I mean.

Tapos, daming food and all. hehe.

But actually being there, Glorietta and all, doesnt really make me feel good. I dunno why. But I've seen a lot of potential hotties, but I'm not that serious of making myself look ridiculous though.

So anyway, I was active in class yesterday. I actually can't figure out why. Maybe the fact that I cried before class. I was so giddy and all.

Kudos to the PBB Staff. No, I dont personally know them, but the Lolos and lolas that they brought for the housemates to take care of. You see, we've been at the Golden Acres last year for our CWTS and taking care of them is really a great joy. Sacrifice is another lesson too. I missed the grandparents nga. Tinuturo ko pa nga sila kina mama na nakita ko na yun, etc.

Daming pending works na kailangan gawin. I'm just glad na maumpisahan na lahat yun. The sacrifices we have to do ara makagraduate!

Anyway, Im sorry but Im flooding this blog with picture's from mela's bday. Just browse..=)

Pretty galz


Pinoy ako!


Bday girl

happy bday to you!


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