Monday, December 05, 2005

I feel depressed.

After heart-to-heart talks with friends, I still feel depressed. Maybe because of the fact that Christmas is already near and the fact that I'm lonely during the holidays. I mean lonely because I don't have that someone to cuddle with and all that. But besides that, I know I could be happy with my friends around. Still, it's not really the same.

Kudos to the RP Team for winning the 23rd SEAGames. I just wish we could've been there to cheer and all. Sadly, there were no vacations whatsoever, so we could'nt witness the fun (if there's any) and the triumphs with the athletes.
Yay! its Paskuhan in a few days. I'm quite excited, oh I just wish I could have someone to watch the fireworks with (if there's any ...again), Were actually planning a post-Paskuhan gimmick and all. And were not going to Starcity for the nth time. It's just full of hassle. We wouldnt waste our money on 3 rides anymore. But I just hope we could think of a gimmick soon.

And my friend, I hope you could lend me or maybe help me have a copy of Harry Potters 1,2 and 3 movies. I saw movie 1 last night at GMA and I missed the little Harry, Ron and Hermione..

May big FOUR na! I hope Nene or Jayson wins!
have to go to class. Am guilty for not wanting to go,but I have to..argh!

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