Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm excited when I think of Christmas.. =)

This afternoon, I told Nina that Metro Manila looks like Baguio now. The thought came from the very cloudy surroundings and the cold weather. And it looks like rain's going to pour any minute now.

I guess this year would be so much different. After my grandma's loss, I thought that this year was somehow unlucky for me, but I guess going through it all and hoping that everything would be alright would make you feel a lot better. After all, life should always be a mystery to everyone. And the simple things around you should do the trick to cheer you up. [like friends! =)]

My dad's coming home in a few days, and that means we're not in the dumps this holiday. I'm expecting more celebrations and more trips to any part of the Philippines. I'm actually hoping to go to Iloilo again and see my cousins and relatives. It's just so great there, feeling the sand at my feet. Oooh, I can feel the waters now. hihi..

I wonder what my dad will bring me this year. I'm hoping an iPod but I won't let my hopes up. Ok na actually kahit sa graduation na lang. =)

I'm feeling sorry for our thesis, no, not in a bad way, but I felt sorry for not doing my part yet. It's just that when I get home, I would resort to the boob tube in front of me, watch PBB then doze off. I hate it when I do that. But I promise to do the work as soon as possible. After all, we have a three-day spare to relax, retire, and do thesis work. And hopefully go to Divi for some serious Christmas shopping for friends, families and inaanaks.
The sky looks calm last night. Actually, our whole place looks calm last night,parang wala ako sa Tondo. Nakakagulat lang because the other night, ang daming kids na naglalaro ng fireworks sa tabi namin. And that makes me get so furious at them kasi parang konti na lang, magiging deaf na mga tao sa amin. I just hope they'd just wait for New Year's Eve to come. Makikicelebrate pa ko sa kanila. Argh!
Oh well, seems I've done a lot of posting already. I'm asking abby to change my layout na. Super excited na ko..yay!


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