Thursday, December 08, 2005

due to the bitin feeling that Harry Potter Book 5 gave me, I decided to take the next of reading via the computer. I know it might be bloody, but no one has a copy of Book 6 and i really really need it. I mean, read it. Nahiya na kasi ako manghiram ulit kay ate She. Basta I promise myself that when I finally got a job, I'd buy all the books I could afford. Especially yung mga paperbacks na mga tipong romance comdy slash fiction.

..Pathetic isn't it?

I'm really excited for Paskuhan. I just wish there'll be fireworks and all that kind of stuff. It's not magical but it's getting there..

Our last Christmas Party on Thursday. I mean, its the first and the last. I have to rush from Sir Trillana's class though, but Maam Sese gave me this slight hope that there'll be no classes on Thursday due to their Christmas Party, Faculty Party, I mean.. Pero I'm still confused because we haven't has any recitations or quizzes on his class yet.

...And still I'm hoping for a no class Thursday because it's a Catholic Holiday tomorrow. I so love Immaculate Conception..


Internet connection here's so bad. But since I'm blogging muna, I guess I have to stick with this.

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