Thursday, December 08, 2005

And again, I'm a TV junkie.

I now realized that I shouldn't really play favorites during a reality show. I might get too much affected by them but at least one of my favorite teams in TAR 8 got the chance to make it to the final three.

The Bransen Family..=)


It's the feast of Immaculate Conception today, my lola, jay-em and daisy's birthday. And fortunately for us, our classes have been spared. After all, were studying in the Pontifical, Catholic University of the Philippines--UST, so Catholic holidays are great. And were really not complaining..

Mela, Brent and I went back to finish part 6 of the thesis. It felt relieving to finish it at some point, though, we know that there are alterations that are needed to be done. We spent the afternoon talking of nonsense and not-so-nonsense stuffs. The things that I'm going to miss while I'm still in college.

Mom and I went to Divi yesterday to buy gifts and other stuff. Hala naman at pati ang mga glowing churvas eh pinatulan ko. Mom felt disappointed at one point though, kasi niloko sya nung vendor nung pens na binili niya, sa other side pala, mas mura ng 10 pesos. But its already over and there's no use crying over spilled joke..

Still no classes tomorrow and I've already planned a rendezvous for tomorrow with Harry Potter 6 e-book. So excited na! Oh well, I have to go now sort other priorities.

Happy holidays! wear a jacket when going outside, its bbrrrr cold out there!

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