Sunday, December 11, 2005

I slept in front of my lappie last night.

Because of the weary eyes that led me to slumber, I spent the night reading Harry Potter 6 but didn't finish it. I was actually hoping I could get a 15 minute nap to watch PBB Uplate since it would be their last episode. Since I turned the tv off due to the disgusting "urine therapy" docu in Kontrobersyal, I wasn't able to wake up again.

So early morning came and saw that the computer screen's still on, the lights too, and I was sleeping on the folding bed without having a blanket or anything. And let us please remember that it was freezing cold last night.

And by then, I wasn't able to see Mariel Rodriguez doing her clumsy acts and portrayals. Argh!

As I was surfing for pictures of my favorite housemate, I saw a website of Bob, Bob and Nene, etc. Sosyal! may website na hindi pa man din nakakalabas. hehe.
Image hosted by


*because she was born at September (like moi!)
*she has full of potentials
*she is so strong-willed
*she isn't afraid to show her feelings
*sobra energy niya!
*i see that she's a great friend.
*a modern flipina who knows how to rock!

Pero sa totoo lang, I like her because I often see myself in her actions and all. I'm not that toughie, but pareho kami ng energy level tsaka yung values sa friends and all. Galing!..=)

..oh, I added her to my friend's list a while ago, and I really hope she'll be the last one to get out of the house.. =)

My dad arrived yesterday pala. So off I go now, have to go somewhere..=)

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