Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I've been rushing to go home last Saturday to watch the Big Night. Well, it went on just as I had planned it. Nene won first place. Not that its a surprise, but I wished I could've bet something for it. hehe, I'm just kidding.

Clark Expo was so jampacked from what the television aired, it was so good seeing one life change just like that. But of course, she deserves everything she won.

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Yesterday, I went to house in Novaliches to have the welcome party for my dad, and I realized that conversations during jeepney rides are fun, especially with total strangers.

So anyway, masyadong matagal from Bayan to our subdivision kaya nakinig ako sa usapan ng mga tao. This woman beside me and the elder woman was talking anout lives and stuff. Although parang nakikiepal na din ako dahil tinulungan nila ko sa tagal magbigay ng change yung driver, this elder woman told the woman beside me that she has SIXTEEN children. As in sobrang nagulantang kaming tatlong kinakausap niya.

Sabi nung guy beside her,
"Masipag si mister!"

Then the other woman asked kung kailan pa sya married, the latter said,

"Mga trese ako".

Kamusta naman! The three of us were dumbfounded. Then the woman beside me finally said

"Eh nag-chi-chinese garter pa yata ako nung ganung edad ah."

Then she asked me, "ikaw may boyfriend ka na?"

I said none of course, at dahil hanggang ngayon eh hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga narinig ko, eto nagpo-ponder ako kung sakaling sa akin nangyari yun. Pero sobra naman right? talagang hindi na pinakawalan yung mister niya. 16 children? ano yun? aso?

I think I would never be like her. I refuse to. Gusto ko maging mom someday, but not to sixteen rascals.

...Have to plan my future now. gotta go!

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