Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I can't wait for Christmas break. I just feel that this one's ought to be so cold and lonely. Of course, I would always have my family with me, but it isn't really really enough, I guess.

We'll have the Christmas Party on Thursday. I'm excited on this one, since it would be the last college party we'll have. And there would be lots of food. I hope Sir Trillana would cancel the class because it would be tiring to have the class and rush over to Meri's house. And to add that we'll have until 8pm for the Poldy stuff.

I have this burn on my face right now, and few have been symphatizing over it. Badet scared me last night that I would have a scar and the mark would be there for the rest of my life. At kamusta naman ang walang katapusang pang-aasar kay Mam Jannis at sa akin?

Tonight is thesis night again. But were not complaining. It's actually fun, by the way. Shempre kasama ang bestest friends ever. =)

I guess I have to go now have Marriage and Family. Though I still have 20 minutes to do Internet stuff, I still feel it isn't enough.

Till next post! =)

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