Monday, November 07, 2005

Maniniwala ba kayo pag sinabi ko na ako, Si Ria Hazel Casem Lumandog eh muntik na (and hoping, still) maging DL last sem?

yeah right, let's just forget it. nobody really cares about that now.

pero naka-2.25 ako kay Mam Rivera. Sey mo? If you know what I mean..

Before anything else, I want to warn the readers that I'm not that boy crazy. It just so happened that people have been nosy about my lovelife.

Went to Bubut's daughter's party last Saturday and it was definitely a blast. I loved going to birthdays but this one's different. You wanna know why? Because for the nth time, my best friend still wants to pair me up with guys. I mean, it's okay for her to set me up but I've been looking for it for so long that I'm getting tired of it.

But I'm happy that I'm appreciated or anything.

BTW, I called Wave last week for the truth and consequence question. I finally got in and then this question happened:

What is the only bird that can fly backwards?

duh? of course I didnt know that. HUMMINGBIRD. I'm gonna freaking kill all the hummingbirds that I see. But then again, they only have those in Russia. Trashed the Flightplan tickets. argh.

Wala na si SAM! Wala na siya. But it's okay considering all the guestings in the network, he'll be fine without the 5 million worth prizes.

LOST premieres tonight. Can't wait.

And lastly, during the sembreak, I finally realized that I've gotten over the past love. If I'd ever see him again, for example, nadulas sya sa kalye or nahulog sya sa bangin, I think I'll just look and leave then and there.

I finally realized that I've been pining for the wrong person. So wrong. That's why I finally decided to just wait for something or someone to make me feel right again.

tata. I missed my classmates. I so love being Journ.

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