Friday, November 18, 2005

For some months now, I have been an avid viewer of the Pinoy Big Brother. To mention some qualities of being one, I forced my friends to see the PBB house during the studio tour at ABS-CBN last September, went to their SM San Lazaro Mall tour, staying up to watch the PBB Uplate, afternoon live broadcast at Studio 23 and the Primetime viewing of the said program.

Had my favorites and not-so-favorites..

And then this Franzen's eviction happened.

I wanna kill the guy so bad! Not because I hated him but because it's his only chance for his family to win the 5 million worth of prizes. I mean, he sacrificed long enough then throws it away with the number of mistakes that he just did. I really am disappointed and I wanted to skin him more.

so unbelievable!

By the way, I thought I missed an episode of the TAR 8 Family edition. I just can't get enough of that show too. Kasi yesterday, I woke up at 9, not knowing na Wednesday nga pala at Amazing Race na nga, so nung 11 na, sobrang nag-panic ako, but it's already late to know who got eliminated. So pagkadating namin from the grocery that night, I checked the monitor and replay pala. Siguro kaya 2-hour special last week.

And on Saturday, this Saturday, (^___^), we'll be watching this! YAY!

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