Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Foster the People Concert Poster (photo credits: http://www.philippineconcerts.com)
It was a fair Saturday afternoon and was hanging out with the boyfriend when I received a text from Az of http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com, if I would want to cover the Foster the People concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum that night. Too bad that I only know of one song, but I still said yes because concerts will always be my thing. Held last October 6, Foster the People Live in Manila was presented by Midas Promotions, Dayly Entertainment and Karpos Multimedia. 

I arrived at the coliseum at 7PM and was seated at the Upper Box, though alone, I enjoyed my “me time” listening to their hits. Their first song was Miss You, and the crowd sang altogether with vocalist, Mark Foster. I loved how the band has so many fans and their glow sticks lighted the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The other members of the band are Mark Pontius for drums and Cubbie Fink playing the bass. 

Mark Foster singing in the moment (Photo credits to Bruce Casanova of Araneta Center)
Their setlist includes Life On The Nickel, Houdini, Broken Jaw, I Would Do Anything For You, Waste, Love, Call It What You Want, Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls), Warrant and Helena Beat. When they left the stage, the people were asking for more, so they went back and sang Ruby and their most popular song (and the only one I know by heart), Pumped Up Kicks.

Foster the People  (Photo credits to Bruce Casanova of Araneta Center)
Most of the people around me are teenagers and students and they know the lyrics by heart. Good thing I didn’t feel out of place because the Araneta Coliseum is so cozy. Their extreme transformation in terms of their facility is wonderful especially for people who enjoy concerts like me. For someone as OC as me, I needed to feel comfortable when it comes to an event venue and they didn’t fail my expectations. I must say that I enjoyed watching the concert alone. And I am definitely crossing that out of my bucket list. 

The stage is so cool! (Photo credits to Bruce Casanova of Araneta Center)
Till the next concert! How about you? Have you visited the newly transformed Smart Araneta Coliseum? Share your latest experience at the #NoOtherVenue :)


Gusto ko matry manood ng movie sa sinehan or concert mag-isa!!! malagay nga yun sa bucket list ko! :D

Dress Me Up Buttercup


Hahaha! Make sure lang na alam mo lahat ng songs ng artist na yun. :P Ako kasi Pumped Up Kicks lang eh. But it was fun nonetheless :)


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