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BDJ Girl for 7 years and counting :)
Seven years, six planners. I must say that Belle de Jour witnessed a big part of my life. Did you know that I started to buy my BDJ planner at CBTL Greenbelt in 2007? Yes, I was one of the girls who lined up after office hours because I was intrigued as soon as I read it from Cosmo. Then in 2008, I attended their first rendezvous at The Ramp, Glorietta, where I met my fellow BDJ girls. And I guess that’s where the fun ignited. So it’s only fitting that I HAD to attend this year’s BDJ Fair, LIMITLESS at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall last October 14, to buy my planner for the coming year and get my constant companion – maybe until forever!

Patty and Tricia: Bloggers Extraordinaire
I was scheduled to attend the Bloggers Extraordinaire talk by Patty Laurel ( and Tricia Gosingtian. Met up with Nikole and Cham, and finally met Melissa at the venue. Before the talk, Nikole, Lovelin and I participated at the Skinwhite, Vitress and Hygienix contest, but we finished second. Boohoo. :P I enjoyed Patty’s talk because she discussed about being a traveler/ blogger, and gave us tips while going on an adventure. If I remember it correctly, I started blogging because I wanted to share my experiences, the places I’ve been, the joy of going out and beyond. I’m so happy to have fulfilled that, and I hope I can explore more places, even outside the country. 

With the BDJ friends
With our VIP pass, we also had access to other talks like PJ Lanot’s Life Lessons and Fitz Villafuerte’s Flex Your Money Muscles. During one of the rendezvous, PJ also talked about the topic and I must say that I learned more this time. I agree when he said, “If you love what you’re doing, you will never have to work in your life”. I’ve always believed that you should be passionate in everything you do, because if not, it’ll just be a chore. I’ve seen Fitz in blog meetups before, and now I admired the tips he shared during his talk. I guess I should start investing for the future now. But you know what? Because of BDJ, I've already saved a lot -- of friends. Am I right BDJ girls? :)

Its a fun fair!
The BDJ Fair also has fun activities and booths from their partner brands that we enjoyed. There were three photobooths from iFlick Photo Booth, SM Ladies Wear and Black Beauty. And I’m crossing fingers that I would win an invite at the SM Parisian’s Philippine Fashion Week show. We also played games at Garnier, City Delivery, Free Fish and Subic Grand Seas Resort where I won a free dinner for two and 10% discount on room accommodations. Now I know where to drag the boyfriend this vacation. We also signed up at Montagne Jeunesse, Splash Care booth where I got a free Hygienix sanitizer and created a bracelet at the Roxy booth. Hazel from BDJ asked me to go Bungee Jumping but it’s unfortunate that I’m wearing a dress. Even before, I would gladly say yes to activities like those. Heck, I’d even go wall climbing if I was on my outdoor wear. :P

Ang dami!!!
I went home with THIS loot. Although this is the first time that I didn’t win in the raffle, my Goody bag was still heavy with freebies. I love how they have generous sponsors this year. 

But most of all, for those who couldn’t attend, (due to emergency reasons, I think? :P) I am introducing you to the Belle De Jour 2013 Power Planner and its features:

I got the Printed Matte Cover (Php598) for only Php480 at the fair. Discounted! 

Maximize Your Power Planner because it has over Php20,000 worth of discount coupons 

The goals are back 

I'm pretty much excited for the new checklist. I almost checked half of my 2012 list.

There’s still the handy Menstrual Tracker.

Newest addition is the Wardrobe Checklist. This is great for my events :)

My favorite Vacation Planner.

And of course, the daily journal (where I always pour my heart into)

The Bills Tracker, Cash Flow Tracker, Random Thoughts and Dreamboard are still incorporated on the planner. How I wish its 2013 already so I can finally use it. But I guess I have to wait some more. After all, I have two months left of 2012. So let’s make the most of out of the year first, shall we?

I wanna know more what's inside this box :)
Oh, and before I forget, the day was also the launch of their new endeavor, the BDJ Box! I'm so intrigued because by creating an account, I could get to know the latest about fashion, entertainment, beauty and fun stuff with a box of beauty surprise. Know more about this at

Here are our other pictures during the Fair. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

With Khamz and Dar :)
Yay! I won!
Loving our Roxy bands
Finally met Mel of
BDJ Veterans
Commitment Wall
Playing at the Garnier booth
The girls strut their stuff at the SM Fashion Show
It’s a successful launch indeed! Congratulations Belle de Jour for another year of being a girl’s best friend. As I said during the first part of this post, I’ll forever be a BDJ girl. And who knows, maybe my future kids would be too.

Six planners and more to come
For more information about the BDJ Planner, you can visit their website at or LIKE their Facebook Page at You can also follow them on Twitter at 


I should do the same thing. Will take a photo of my BDJs through the years din. Haha! :P It was so nice to finally meet you Ria!



Waah. I think I say you at the event but I'm not sure. XD i also attended the bloggers extraordinaire talk and I distinctly remember the lady wearing the leopard printed top. sayang. I forgot to watch out for you.

Just wanna sa hi! i hope we could meet at the next fair.:) also, please do check my post regarding the vent at . Thanks. :*

Riza of


Hi there! Nice blog you got here! I envy you coz you started using BDJ since 2008... I just started last 2011... I was there at the fair as well.. =)


Been meaning to buy this BDJ planner. And yes, parehas pala tayo ng reasons why we started blogging, the joy of sharing to everyone how interesting life is!

~ Sweetstrings


Belle de Jour is just amazing! It was nice seeing you in the fair too, Ria! :) Sayang wala tayong picture together. :( See you in the next event! :)


Hahaha! Inventory yan. Are you watching Gossip Girl? Gusto ko nga yung katulad nung trunk ni Blair, pero instead of diaries, filled with BDJ planners sha hehehe :)


Thanks Riza! Hope to see you on the next event. :) BDJ Rendezvous, perhaps? :D will check out your blog and follow. :D


Thanks Che! I guess I'm just lucky na I was reading Cosmo din that time so I discovered them. Dont worry, mas okay nga today because they have so many events na :)


Buy ka na rin! I super love BDJ Planners because its fun and you can join pa their exciting events :)


Mariel! HIndi naman kita na-beso man lang. :D See you sa next event!!! :D


You're a certified Bella na pala talaga! So many BDJ planners <3 I went to the BDJ Fair too with my sister. I had so much fun watching her wallclimb. HAHAHA. And I got my first BDJ planner there too! I'm so excited to use it :)


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