Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wala lang. Just that Ive been gone for three days without blogging or posting checking my account. Started last Friday, when my Mom dragged me to go to Nova with her, because Lester couldn't come. Being the good girl that I am, brought my oversized bag, Andrei's gift and the DVD player and my DH Season3, and went out way to Nova for the weekend. Yeah, also because my Mom blackmailed me into telling my Dad that I didn't want to go with her.. Smooth move considering I am expecting an IPod Touch when he comes home, and I don't want him not to push it through.

So there, as much as I wanted to blog there, the technology's not really up to date yet. Telephones and PC's are still a no-no at our house, probably because we don't practically live there. But it kudos for the house being cozy and all. Plus you don't need an aircon because and you need a pretty big comforter at night. But if you would ask me, I couldn't live there because I'm a Manila girl and I am used to the chaos and all. LOL.


Last Saturday, went to Mcdo Q. Avenue to attend Andrei's Party. Since I was forced to go to Nova, told Mom I promised Dude I would come so I went there albeit the fact that our place is kinda far from it. Too bad Jeni wasn't there. After the party, went to SM Fairview by myself to buy dinner. That's one of the things that could make me sad. Just that I'm not used to being alone. But I have to do it anyway...


Tita Josie, one of my godmothers, invited us last Sunday, to come to their house in Meycauayan. It is the Feast of Sto. Nino and my Mom didn't have somewhere to go to that day. So there, went to see Anne, and Steff was there too. Feasted not because of the fact that it is their town's fiesta, but because Anne's aunt brought a Chocolate fountain and we pigged out on every fruit there is. Plus we catching up stories about one another and all. Sure is fun. Our moms are even planning that we should all go to Baguio again, just like the old times.

Reminiscing about it, they (Steff, Anne and Joy) were probably my oldest friends away from home. Of course, couldn't change the fact that were friends because of our moms, but they were there on the most exciting parts of my life. I mean, going to Baguio or Subic, Manaoag or Tagaytay. I don't know, its just nice to do that again, considering that the last time we've been together was during our high school or elementary days.


I have to go already. Have to finish something and I don't have my Mom with us today until Saturday. She has this seminar to Tagaytay for a week. Argh. So I also have an Amazing Race 12 Finale to go home tonight. Nyahaha.

Oh, and uber belated Happy 20th Month to us Hon Hon, although we've greeted each other yesterday. Love you uber much. Muah!

Bye y'all. Til tomorrow. :D


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