Friday, March 23, 2007

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"Seeks the determination and elasticity of will nec..."

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Got this quiz from Glai and results are definitely right about me. It's kinda freaky, considering that they are based on colors alone. Weird but nice.

Traffic yesterday is BAAAD. So many roads have been repaired this time. Know what the cause is? Election. So instead of going to work through jeepney, I swear to take the train from now on, every morning so I won't be late anymore. And speaking of tardiness, I haven't been late this March. Well, I still got five days left. Yay!

Just got this sudden news that my tita compromised me to sing at their prom. I'll be glad to, but she just called me this morning, and I have to sing tomorrow night (or afternoon, thank you very much). She is so last minute. So now I'm thinking how to go to Nova tomorrow, explain to Hon that our plans have changed, try to get home early tonight from the reunion, think about the dress that I have to wear, yada, yada. I tell you, my family's been putting me to shame for 21 years now, and they are so good at that.

But no matter what the case, I would still go tonight at this 4journ1 reunion.No family humiliation would bring me down. :D

Have to go. I hope things will be better tomorrow. Or something like that.

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