Thursday, March 22, 2007

The tenth month celebration wasn't entirely a blast. Hon and I saw each other at Gateway but got there late because trains are packed and people at the station were pushing each other just to get inside the train. After three consecutive jampacked trains, I finally got inside one but then, I was pushed and all. Good thing I got to Cubao station just in time before boyfriend would be mad at me for being late (gawk, again).

Speaking of trains, I love the new look of the LRT trains. They look like big cellfones with silver outsides and they look like a big cellfone screen at the front part. I would really like to take a picture of it, but people might look at me weird or something. I also noticed this fire extinguisher box inside it, and thought it was kinda cute for a train. Who knows, maybe someday, they'll even put a bed inside it. Nyahaha, that would be a wish, I guess. BTW, got this picture at Wikipedia. I just think it is soo fab and cute. But fab and cute as it may be, I still haven't gotten over the fact that I missed my card this morning. The stored value was wasted. Argh.


I am (or we) are currently addicted to Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. I am casting my votes for Mickey to win. And I'm rooting for Jasmin to get out of the house this Saturday. I just don't think she deserves to stay there anymore. She has this weird logic for things, and illogical values for it. I just don't get her. So I really want her OUT!

4Journ1 is going to have a reunion tomorrow at Pioneer. Am really excited because I get to see them again, and the fact that it'll be held in a KTV makes me sooo happy. Catch is my closest friends couldn't be there due to work and law finals. Oh well, there's always next time. I just hope that there could at least be one day that we'll be complete.

Brother is going to his JS Prom tonight. I'm so jealous that he jas to experience things that I haven't gone through. Oh well, and chances of him getting into my alma mater is slowing down to slim. I'm not really sure if he could still get a spot for it.

Have to go finish my break. I still have deadlines, God forbid.

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