Monday, March 26, 2007

Hon said that I was getting used to going out already. I reasoned that I just needed a break from all the pressures at work and that we need to miss each other XD. Bad girl.

Anyhow, went out last Friday at Pelangi, Pioneer Center. (Tan, Tan's friends, Anne, Nix, Joyce, Michi, Earlie, Trix, Corrs, Kaiz,Gian and moi) Of course, they went a-drinking (really, they. As for me? I got drunk by water and a whole lotta california maki. :D) and got home at two already. Of course, a big thanks to Anne who went out of the way just to get me home safe. The reunion was a big blast, but we were expecting more to come. I really missed them. To those who didn't get the chance to join, go to the next reunion ha. Promise, it'll be fun. Just like our 4journ Xmas party two years ago.

After that, went to Nova, Saturday afternoon because my tita invited me to sing at their prom. And because I didn't get the chance to attend one when I was in Senior High, I said yes. Catch was, I have to sing for them. Luckily, I survived the experience.

Yesterday naman, familia went to Grotto church to hear the mass. Can you believe that I have been out for three days straight? And puyat for almost a week already. That I am sleepy right now, while posting this entry. I just hope I could survive this week because I was late by two minutes this morning. Cant trust my time to be accurate anymore. Oh well.

Hope in some aspect, things will be fine already. I hate circumstances that make me hurt myself or hurt the person has been undeniably became my world. Or maybe, I just want to trust that everything is still real. Because as seemingly fine as it looks, part of me is already wanting to die, or something like that.

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