Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Uber sleepy right now and I cant really concentrate . Just that I'm always staying up late but end up having trouble getting up in the morning.I don't know what is happening to me.

Saw the trailer of Spiderman 3 a while ago. Can't wait to watch it too. I sooo wish. May 4 it is..

Holy week next week. No work from Thursday to Monday. And I am flailing to happiness right now. I get to deserve my much awaited rest. But I hope I could like get out of the house because even though it is considered vacation, still would have to reflect and all.

My boss will be having her leave next month. I just hope everything will be okay and we'll get through every concerns while she's giving birth to her baby boy. Just that she's concerned that the team might not be ready while she's on leave. But I think we'll manage. hehe.

I'm thinking of a Saturday night party or something with friends. Or go to movies or something with kadas or something. I'm not so sure though. But maybe I'll try to pull Mercie into this. No matter how pregnant she is. Wahaha *evil grin*. Seriously, I miss my best friend already. Its been like forever since we hang out together. I am planning on treating her or something, I don't know. Anything goes.

Badet texted everyone last night about her Thomasian. I would also want to get it already. Just that I have been one year delayed or something like that.

Speaking of graduations, My brother would have his Senior High grad this Thursday. I hope we'd have a nice celebration this time since my dad is still here in the country. I feel happy for the kid. I mean, I only had my dad for my elementary graduation. (I'm not getting bitter) but I feel sad when my parents aren't complete for my big day. Of course, I could understand it, but still, it feels incomplete.

Anyway, I have to go already. Am aching right now.

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