Monday, May 08, 2006

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Just finished watching The Princess Diaries. I so love the last scene, where Mia got her foot-popping kiss. I don't know if I'm ever allowed to say this, but I'm realy envious of her moment at the garden, with her dream guy and all. Of course, we should get over with our firsts, so I'm really hoping that the next time it'll happen to me, I mean like being kissed, it's really for it to happen somewhere special, like in the movie, it happened at the garden with the fountain and the flowers. But well, she's a princess. Lucky her.

Wah! Also watched the MTV Asia Awards feature on Bangkok and saw my then-favorite band, THE MOFFATTS. And what's more surprising is that there were just the two now (BOB and CLINT) and their new name is SAME SAME. Wow, I was just overwhelmed. And I wanna see DAVE! nyahahaha, Forever Fan!

So anyway, enough about that, I'm still ecstatic of the fact that I already have a job. Not that fancy, but I'm just happy to finally have one, and yeah, paycheck every month, earning and spending, saving for a new fone (and a much better one, say Motoslvr or that Nokia fone that you could twist) and yeah, more movie dates with myself and friends.

And that leads me to watching the The Da Vinci Code this 18th. I am that excited that when I see its trailer, my body's having goosebumps. I can't believe myself too. Today, I'm celebrating my One year and a month SINGLEHOOD. Yeah, I still remember that heartache. Hope he'd be happy in his country. Yes, I am banning you in the Philippines. Ha!

But I'm not bitter. I have moved on and happy with my life. I guess in through my heartaches, I am learning to love myself more. And happily giving others a chance in proving that love could still happen. Ok, I'm already being sappy. My friend told me last night that I'm insensitive. I just want to clear to you that I'm not like that. I just don't wanna complicate things especially if I know that it's doing fine. And yeah, I know I yield to some things that would make me happy, it's just that in my situation right now, I'm not sure what would really happen. Remember, its like a long distance relationship but its not long distance and definitely not a relationship. You were right when you said that "like" is the only thing left for me. It sucks, but I don't know where the heck I'm getting the energy to go through with it. Maybe faith, faith in someone, and faith in second chances. Now I'm gonna cry...

Well we just have to learn to deal with things and add love and patience.
Ciao! Work day! (^____^)



omg! they're still alive!

btw, i would totally blow anything off for a job. esp if it's just a job. haha. =)


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