Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Week Madness..

I guess I haven't blogged (in a sense of that word) for a week. I have been too busy with just about everything else. Really. And even though it is a weekend, it still isn't enough for me to catch up on writing. So here's a recap of the (last) week.


Catching Robert Langdon at Glorietta Cinema 3! :P

Movie night! I loved Angels and Demons. But as I have said in the reviews, too many changes were made. Too many messed up names and too many messed up scenes that rather damaged the essence of the story in the book. As Sir Hec said, "Buti nalang hindi ko sha binasa kasi yung mga book readers, paglabas sa movie laging daming comments!". So the verdict? I still look up to the book version. Because the Vatican did not give Langdon the last copy of Galileo's book, instead, he got the Illuminati Diamond as a reward. :P And that's what I REALLY WANTED TO SEE! Seriously.


Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair whoooo! *grins sooo wide*

A not-so-busy day but also ending up for me to be so plakda afterwards. Oh, but I was so happy that night because Gossip Girl's finale is soooo good with Blair and Chuck. :) Bad news, Season 3 airs on August 31. What a teaser that is. :P


That is where I used to work, taken inside my (current) boss' empty room. :D

My first month in RCBC Savings Bank. Yay! I was so giddy for no reason at all. Well, just the fact that I survived first month. So I hope to do well in the following months...


Hon and I's Third Anniversary! Whoop-de-doo!

Thursday is a LOVE day, especially for myself and Hon. After the past year, travelling together, making special moments, discovering our quirks and surpassing trials (can we say detractors?), WE HAVE SURVIVED.

And even though we do not have the perfect relationship, I am hoping that this will last forever and ever. And if anyone tries to declare war with me again regarding this, BRING IT ON. hahaha. :P


One of my super hectic days. Really. Felt like superwoman this day. Because we will be having the auction the day after this, I had to make sure that last minute preparations are smoothly delivered. Good thing the ROPA group decided to go on ocular mode during the morning so Miss Rose and I didnt have to go there after office. After work, I met up with my family to go to EDSA Shangrila Hotel where my cousin and his family were checked in. Apparently, they will be going to Disneyland. *gushes*. So envious. hahaha. :P

Xzeno = Love :)

So anyhoo, I was preparing for Xzeno's Party of the century for like a month, so we could all go to Embassy Superclub because Kstin specifically requested for it. We were all in the guest list when the bouncers didnt let our three companions in because they dont have Valid IDs, whereas some foreigners only presented ONE ID and they all went in without putting a fight. Kstin even tried paying for the three but still to no avail, they still couldnt go in. Hello Justice! I feel so bad because I have been looking forward to that day and they ruined it for me. Seriously. So we just went to Pier One. No dress codes, no Identification cards required and so and so. But still, we were all yearning for Emba because we were so close to partying there already (we actually went in already for heart's sakes!). But anyway, I guess we have to try again next time.

Good thing they were all okay with that. I guess what's important is were all together and spending time with Kstin again. :P

Got home at 2AM. Thanks to Hon, Deo and his trusty car. I got here safe and sound. hehe.


Auction Day. Since I am working at Marketing Department specifically in Loans, I had to wake up early to make sure that the venue is all set up, the bidders and officemates have enough breakfast for the auction, check the sound system, powerpoint, backdrop, ads, etc. It was stressful but fun. I am really happy because Miss Rose helped me. BIGTIME. I would be so lost without her.

And I am officially a lucky charm now. Sold properties went higher. So cool. :P


We welcome Baby Gabriel Inigo to the world!

BFF Maro's first baby, Gabriel Inigo is born last Saturday, so we went to Mary Johnston today to visit her and her baby. I have a new inaanak! hehehe.

She said she didnt have a rough time during her labor. LUCKY HER! hehehe. And I am so happy for her. Sobrang fulfilled na yung life niya. She has a successful career, a very loyal husband, and now a baby boy. Baby girl nalang. hehe :P


So that's all for now. haha. As if naman konti yun. :P

Till the next blog! Have a nice week everyone! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Because YOU matter..


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now That's My Kind of Pair..

Happy endings do exist. I LURVE CHAIR!!!! :D I felt sorry for Nate nga lang. But oh well, he'd move on. hahah. :P


Last night, Hon and I watched Angels and Demons at Glorietta. Loved the movie. I just wished they didnt murder some of the imprtant scenes like the death of the Pope, the camerlengo's name and all that yada yada. Oh, and I wish Vittoria was hotter as Ive expected, but to no avail, she isnt. :P

Its Hon and I's THIRD Anniversary on Thursday. But we wouldnt be celebrating extravagantly. Marami pa namang years together. And we'll be making bawi next time. Maybe Bohol and Cebu? Basta. Pag may leave na ko at regular na kami. hehe.


And Kstin's here na! Im excited for Friday! :P

Muah! Visit yah soon! :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last Kiss

Okay, so as much as I love ChAir, I couldnt help but get so heartbroken with NaIr's last kiss. Blair broke up with Nate. Awwww. I so love them together pa naman. :(

But I cant wait for the season finale. *All grins*

Oh, and Im also voting for the Spin off! I cant wait to see Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter again! :D

And lastly, how I love Blair's Prom Dress, soooo lovely. And so elegant, so deserving for prom queen. hehe :)

XOXO. I miss high school. Now if only there is a prom in ICAM. hehe.

Oh well, reality is here. :P

Gotta go. Night peeps! :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Let me tell you about my Mom again (Moment ko to, Mother's day naman eh. :P). She isnt the coolest Mom around town because she doesnt know how to cook a mean lasagna or go to gimmicks with me. My Mom is strict when it comes to our allowances. When she looks at you straight, make sure to tell the truth or ramble a very good excuse, or youre done for the day.

But my Mom loved our family in her best(-est) way that she could. She can never cook that many foods, but she made sure that there is food on the table when we arrive home. She seldom gives us designer clothes, but she knows the best bazaar there is when you can look fab and still be on budget.

She may not show her feelings that often, but we know how she takes care of us in her own way. And that, I salute her for. Happy Mother's Day Mama! And Happy Mother's day to all the Mommies in the world and all the Mommies to be out there! There is no greater gift in this world than having you in our lives.

Cheers to all Mothers! :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ria in being M.I.A.

Not blogging for a week is Seriously.

Anyhoo, week three is okay I guess. Stayed the whole week in the office. Still no internet and email access. I missed going on official business outside the office. Kidding! hehehe. Well, some part of me does. :P But it has been a kind of long week.

We were supposed to go to the Makati Parade yesterday but then they postponed it due to the typhoon. I guess Mayor Binay got disappointed when the sun got up so high yesterday. I'm just not so sure if it'll push through again. Sayang.

Then we were all set for our boss' baby shower party, and it was rescheduled too. So crazy week indeed.


I am loving the Philippine Stock Exchange Building (a.k.a Tektite Tower). They held this Markdown Madness last week that made me buy this uber marked down shoes. Yay! I have a decent running shoes na and I didnt have to spend too much for it. :D

Yay Skechers will be strutting on Ultra sometime this week. :P

Dimple said that they hold sales like that now and then. I hope I'd have too much moolah when they hold one again. hahaha.

Tomorrow naman, we'll be at Mcdonald's El Pueblo for Ate Ana's daughter, Andi's first birthday! :D I couldnt be late. hahaha. Because when she was baptized, all of Hon's family were there already. Loser mode. hahaha. :P


I'm excited on the 22nd!!!! :) No, Im not a gimikera-type of girl but since K-stin specifically requested for Emba, then Emba we go.

... Even though I have like work the next day and will be requiring to get up at 6AM. hahahaha :P

I can do this. Mind over matter please. LOL.


I promise to update often, that is, if Im not busy with Pet Society and Plurk. hahaha. :P

So have to go now because I have to be early pa tomorrow. Muah!

Oh and Advance Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies!! :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Pledge for a Cause

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ikaw? Ano ang gagawin mo para sa bayan mo?

Ako Mismo collects Pinoy's pledges on what we could do for the country. Supported by the prominent people in various industries, you may also put your pledges by visiting their website,

I too am a member and AKO MISMO is trying to make a change. So do your part now. :)

Pautang nga Pacquiao!

Shempre, he won again. After 2 rounds?!? OMG. How about that. Manny is TEH MAN again. Proud of the Pinoys who bring honor to our country. Eat Manny's dust Hatton! hahaha :D

Okay, just blogged because I was ecstatic of his win. And for sure he earned big buckos again. So envious. I just hope he'll put it to good use. Correct? Anyhoo, I will be back doing my laundry. But first, isnt this just the cutest thing?

This is the only time I decided to take Chickie for a bath. She looks so groggy with all her feathers wet. hahaha. :P I wanna bring him tomorrow at the office and introduce her to Dimple and Miss Rose. Okay, that sounds crazy now. LOL.


I have to go now. Water's overflowing na. Smoochies! Team Pinoy! :D

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'm Back!

I missed everyday blogging. hehehe. I missed having access in the office. My net access isnt approved yet. Sad. :(

But I'm uber happy today because Hon went here to visit me. Yay! We went to Araneta Square first to replace my Mom's bloody pricey HP Laptop Charger because she got so mad that the old one isnt working. So I was so broke afterwards because I had to fund the damn thing.

On the other hand, the day went great pa rin. He watched his anime thingamabobs in my laptop while I sleep at his lap. hehehe. XD Then went to the store to buy junk foods and munched them all. It was a very cheap date. But it is one of the good times. No fights and definitely no fuss at all. :)

Love. 'nuff said.


Kstin will be visiting Manila in two weeks! Yay! It has been a year since she went here. Im just happy that she still visits us. And Im ecstatic that xzeno will be complete again. I think whenever she's in the country, Xzeno just keeps on coming back too. hahaha.

...Aww, I miss you friends. Seriously.

Now my only problem is, the auction on the 23rd. See, we kinda planned on the 22nd, so I have to go home talaga. Plus it is Hon and I's 3rd Year Celebration, so my calendar's all worked up. And I CANT sacrifice any of those three. Its too important to miss. :P


RCBC Savings has been fun in my 2-week stint. Tiring, but I'm getting the hang of it. It has been a whirlwind, but I'm really happy to meet new people and go places. Sir Hector asked me if I'm not yet tired of travelling, but I snapped him a "Mas gusto ko nga po sa malayo" answer. hehehehe. Who knows right?

Though, I am neglecting our Ultra jogging. I wanna feel the oval again. If I only have the time. Sad...


GG is so interesting next week. I cant wait to see Chair and Nair battle who really is fit for each other. hehehe. So cute.

So now I have to sleep. Till tomorrow! :)


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